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Stun Guns

  • Self Defense For Anyone Made Possible With the Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun

    Power up your punch with nearly 1,000,000 volts of electricity with the Knuckle Blaster stun gun. The stun gun is made with comfort in mind, providing easy grip while making a scary fist. The tight grip you have also makes it difficult for the bad guys to take it in a self-defense situation. Unlike most weapons, the Knuckle Blaster stun gun will cause pain to anyone that even tries to take it from you, keeping you safe during an unfair fight.

    If you worry about not having the self-defense skills necessary to fight or use a weapon, rest assured this unique stun gun is an ideal solution for you. All it takes is a touch to repel and disable an attacker.

    Customers have reported feeling safer having a weapon discrete enough to avoid attention, yet powerful enough to defend themselves. Ambidextrous fitting makes keeping the stun gun in either pocket suitable for emergencies you encounter while on a stroll or run.

    Other features of the stun knuckles that have customers happy include:

    . Rubber skin that fits all hands sizes, preparing anyone in the family for trouble.

    . A safety switch, built with easy access in mind. Use thumbs for single hand activation, eliminating the need for two hands while preventing any accidental shock.

    . A one year warranty included with the stun gun knuckles.

    . A belt holster made of nylon providing discrete and portable storage whenever you are on the go.

    . Rechargeable Lithium batteries

  • Telescopic Stun Gun Baton Product Review

    Telescopic stun gun baton is the latest stun gun having a rating of 7.5 million volts. This item comes with multiple functions and carries different significant benefits over the other master stun guns. This stun gun has a flashlight feature, which no other stun gun in the stock has. Also, this product has a personal alarm system that alerts you in an emergency situation in case you are confronted by an attacker.

    This item works very much like a regular baton. With a mere flick of the wrist, you get an instant 21.5” metal baton ready for action. The complete extension of the baton can give you a psychological edge over the attacker who might think twice about choosing you to be his target or victim. The fully extended baton is a great choice if you want to maintain your distance from your attacker, unlike our handheld guns where you need to be in close contact with him.

    With that said, the best thing about this telescopic stun gun is the stun feature. Hit the stun trigger when making contact with the perpetrator.

    If you jog regularly, this telescopic flashlight stun gun baton could be really helpful, especially if you encounter dogs on your jogging route. This is an effective animal control stun gun baton to maintain your distance from deadly dogs.

    This is inarguably one of the best self defense products available in the market. The option of stealing the item from view is a definite benefit over the conventional stun gun we have in the market. The unit comes with an internal battery source and a battery charger. Therefore, you never have to be worried about running out of batteries. Moreover, this stun baton comes with a holster. Thus, the telescopic stun gun baton is a great defense tool, having multiple features. This is a must have item for safety conscious people.

  • The Perfect Holiday Gift Is One That Can Save A Life

    The world out there is crazy. Some people are walking around in such a desperate need for money and are looking for the vulnerable people to mug and make a buck. There are other people who are so full of rage that they assault other people just to vent. There are rapes and car thefts. It is sad, but that is the truth. There are thousands of crimes upon so many people each year.

    The World is full of terrible things, and you and your loved ones need something to defend yourselves. The perfect holiday gift a self-defense product. With the numerous options in the market, you are stumped on which one to buy.

    Stun guns will deliver the ultimate in non-lethal protection. They are legal in most states and are highly effective. The stun master is one of the leading brands of stun guns in the industry, and it has a flawless reputation. Keep Stun Master Multi-function Stun Gun in your car

    You need a Covert Stun Master® Stun Gun Flashlight on your night stands so you are always prepared in case you inadvertently find yourself in a dangerous situation.

    Nothing can prepare an attacker for the shock of a lifetime than the one he would get when a stun gun is used on him. Stun Master Mini Stun Baton comes with special conductive screws that will shock the attacker trying to touch or seize the stun baton from you. It has an innovative screw system that has replaced the outdated strip had a tendency of coming off.

    A stun gun is a hand-held device with an outward facing prongs at the end that when triggered emits a high voltage visible arc of electricity. It shuts the neuromuscular system of the body temporarily. Like most of other electronic devices used for self-defence, a stun gun has higher and lower amperage. This means that it will shock and immobilize the attacker but will not leave a permanent damage to the body. It has a safety switch, so it does not activate accidentally. In addition, if your body and that of the attacker are in contact at the moment you use a stun gun on him, the electric current does not flow through you and harm you.
    Stun guns are perfect tools for self-defence. They work. Pack 11 million volts of self-defence with the stun master hot shot stun gun. The pain they cause the attacker does the trick. It is the quick burst of electricity stored in the stun gun that produces a lot of psychology changes that rapidly occur in the body. The stun gun overwhelms the nervous system of the attacker so that they lose energy and also depletes all the energy they need to move. With the vast array of stun guns than include Li'l Guy Rechargeable Stun Gun With Flashlight Blackfrom Stun Master, and stun gun accessories such as Large Multipurpose Stun Flashlight, Stun Master Telescopic Stun Baton, lithium batteries, Stun Master Mobile Charger and Mini Badass Flashlight, among others, there is something for everyone.

    When seconds counts, a stun gun can save your life or that of a loved one. 3 million volt rechargeable lipstick with flashlight, is a perfect choice for your wife when she is driving alone, your daughter or son in college, your mother if she is a single mom. Let here take it from the movies and keep it in her purse Protect your life and that of a loved one with affordability and convenience of a stun gun from one of the trusted brands in the industry.

  • Having The Self-Confidence To Secure Yourself From Danger

    I had been whistling oblivious to the dark environment unaware that I was getting eyed as easy prey. He stepped out of the shadows and stood directly in my very own way. I felt panic flash in my eyes. Give me your wallet he told having just enough menace.

    I moved immediately pushing my own knuckle stun gun towards his own stomach. That sent electrical energy towards the criminals body. I expected pain to pass through him and his own muscle tissues to go lax as electric energy moved through his own body. I stepped away soon after what felt like a few minutes or was that merely seconds? Soon he lost stability and also kissed the ground.

    Just before I walked away I brandished my weapon in his own face. The criminal was now introduced to stun guns. He would eventually understand these are non-fatal and he would live to tell what happened.

    In reality the stunning possibly took all of three seconds and its results were prompt. Incapacitation is a stun devices primary purpose and my very own performed simply that. Luckily too it gives no permanent injury. Some people could have sprinted to safety however I tried to undertake this calmly.

    My own weapon at hand is a lot like brass knuckles except its crafted from soft rubber. Worn around the knuckles of a single hand that fits most hand sizes. It throws off a great deal of power upon impact even briefly. I could have also punched my own assailant with it.

    Im estimating it is going to be close to thirty minutes just before the robber would recover. As a personal defense device the Knuckle Blaster stun gun is really helpful particularly if utilized properly.

    Loaded with approximately a million volts of energy this is a high voltage stun weapon. This will work quickly within a couple of seconds of touching the targets body. Based on practical experience I should know.

    Personal protection commonly begins with getting smart. Find out what to do as well as select the ideal means by which to do it fast. That means in my opinion is a knuckle stun gun.

  • Not Your Usual Style Of Self Defense Gadget

    What I really like concerning the Knuckle Blaster stun gun is that this will not fall of my own fingers easily the way my past stun device did. I had been in a personal protection training. For starters I got sweaty palms and secondly there have been moments I had to open my hands so as to break my fall. Thus of course anybody could kick my former stun gadget from me.

    I had been lucky I realized all that the moment I wasnt in any kind of real threat. So I went searching for a a lot more ideal self-defense gadget. As an exotic dancer I receive all sorts of creeps either waiting for me or following me home.

    A stun device is non-fatal. No matter how much the asshole deserved that I would not kill him inadvertently and also be imprisoned for homicide. That will only stun my attacker with a huge amount of electrical power and cause him so much discomfort that I should be able to flee and also ask for assistance.

    Knuckle stun gadgets slip through your fingers just like brass knuckles so you would not need to hold one similar to a flashlight or mobile phone besides this one is cozy since it has gentle rubber skin.

    I can grasp that more firmly and this may not be as easily knocked off my own hands as normal stun devices even if I tumble on my face. This is clean and efficient just the way I love this.

    Theres likewise a security button which Im able to reach with the very same thumb. Thus my other hand is completely open to deflect an assault.

    That has been precisely what happened the moment I took a buddy home considering that she had discovered her own guy was using drugs. The guy tailed us and tried to get her back by force. I strike him so far back in time utilizing the 950000-volt stun device which I believe his momma felt it.

    So who wants a boyfriend to take you home huh? Having the Knuckle Blaster stun gun I could be the person escorting the man to his place.

  • Good Defense Against Danger When Going Out Late At Night

    I possess this odd liking for late evening drives to the grocery store. My spouse is extremely supportive so that he normally comes along with me. All I do is merely grab several random things we do not really require and also return home. My pals say this is my type of retail therapy.

    The thing is I do not feel we will be going for a late evening grocery store trip in the near future due to a pretty sad incident. We are only fortunate we consistently take a cell phone stun gun together with us.

    A couple of nights before I urged my spouse to come with me to the grocery store. We were about to leave the shop as soon as someone came from behind and aimed a kitchen knife at my own neck. He was asking for cash and our mobile phone handsets.

    My hubby had been shocked however quick to react. He walked a little nearer to give the person his own wallet and cellular phone.

    The moment the man reached out in order to get hold of the wallet and precisely what he thought was a cell phone my husband hit the switch on button of the stun gun quickly. The person dropped to the ground in no time. Masked stun guns are perfect personal defense tools since your aggressor will not suspect one to be a personal defense device you can use towards him.

    Stun guns provide electrical shock directly into your assailants body that will debilitate him quickly. These can be non-fatal but will provide you plenty of time to escape or look for aid.

    The Pretender mobile phone stun weapon my husband had used seems like a regular video camera phone. No one would suspect it is a self-defense device. With 4.5 million volts this kind of stun gun with high voltage can render any kind of assailant powerless. This has a powerful 12-LED flashlight too.

    Who would have considered that a cell phone stun gun is going to spare our own lives? I wouldnt have. My own husband as well as I really like carrying that along with us however we never desire to be in a situation where well be pushed to utilize it on somebody else.

  • How To Rescue Others In Dangerous Cases

    Stun gadgets used to frighten me. They are non-fatal and leave no irreversible harm but I shuddered at the thought of utilizing one on someone as well as viewing him go into serious shock even if it was to help save my own self. I cringed a lot more at staying in the receiving end of it. Arming my own self with one was farthest from my mind.

    That was right up until I saw a friend Kath save an elderly lady getting pummeled by a crook. Shed utilized an electric baton in order to incapacitate the criminal and this suddenly hit me: this isnt only concerning self-defense. This is likewise about providing assistance to a person that may be in serious danger.

    The bad guys get their own courage from viewing their own victims looking powerless Kath said. However test firing a high voltage stun weapon in front of their faces and watch courage turn to dread the moment they see lightning sparks sizzle and also jump from one prong to a different one.

    Kath had no choice but to shock the thief at that time. He froze shouted in pain and went limp. Electric current leads to a loss of voluntary muscle control. Kath had pulled the woman to safety as the thug swayed in confusion.

    My pal struck him again with her Stun Master 4.5 million volt small stun baton for another second just so hed shed his stability. She likes a stun baton since its span suggests she stays in a safe distance from the enemy.

    A reflex action would be to seize the weapon to be able to stop being hit however Kath explained the target would still become stunned the minute he touches it anywhere from the barrel down. Should he be successful the security wrist strap and pull pin would disable the stun gadget.

    In case the baton stun gun had a built-in LED flashlight Kath stated that could be utilized to disorient the target with the brightness and also supply a better aim.

    We had requested for help. The cops had picked the thief up still confused and recuperating from the results of the electric baton that had defeated him.

  • Pointers On How To Catch Criminals Without Hurting Them

    I was able to listen to 2 coworkers conversing about a building security personnel who had captured a suspected murderer. The suspect at that time unarmed went into the underground parking zone to be able to get away from the law enforcement officers. The security guard Corey Davies had captured the suspect with nary a physical injury with the help of his brand new baton stun gun.

    Corey had wanted a non-fatal unit to supplement his usual firearm. It was not just for work but as well as personal protection whenever he would walk home during odd hours. A stun device was his own first option to immobilize targets without giving irreversible damage.

    My workmate knew directly what a stun gun was able to do immediately after having been on the receiving end of one. Ken would constantly recall the electrical shock that paralyzed him momentarily soon after his own sister had inadvertently shocked him.

    In the event the security personnel had made use of a high voltage stun gadget which has close to or more than a million volts in power Ken claimed the target would have been disabled very quickly. A loss of voluntary muscle tissue control because of the electric current would be felt immediately. The person could then retreat swiftly as well as call for assistance.

    Jon as well as I had the exact same idea: lets say the target recuperated immediately from his own body�s first contact with a stun gadget? Ken explained Corey�s stun baton would have had to touch the suspects body for possibly three seconds for that to result in confusion as well as an eventual loss of balance.

    A stun baton helped Corey because of its long reach compared to typical stun devices. The guard did not have to become very near the suspect to be able to shock him. Nearly ten inches long the Stun Master 4.5 million volt mini stun baton offered sufficient distance in order to provide Corey a tactical advantage.

    Targets can snatch instinctively the weapon opposing them. With stun batons the barrels of which possess distinctive conductive screws doing so would lead to even more stunning Ken explained.

    Corey Davies must be extremely proud of his baton stun gun. After all the cops commended him for his own assistance in capturing a suspected killer.

  • Ways To Protect Yourself Within Your Own House

    I received a telescopic stun gun baton from my older brother the instant I moved out of the dorm room at UT Arlington and into my very own condominium.

    Receiving a stun device definitely stunned me. And a long one at that? I could know precisely his concerns for my own security but somehow I thought this was far too much. I currently toted pepper spray. What next? An actual firearm?

    He consequently advised me Sarah your own self-defense spray does not work extremely effectively in the house. If you need to utilize that in your new residence the smell will linger for weeks months even. And youll not be able to have your friends over for pizza.

    A stun device also non-lethal emits high voltage however low amperage therefore you shouldnt concern yourself with committing homicide. What it can carry out is inflict pain on your enemy in order to go away and also have help. The results are momentary.

    Swayed I offered brother a hug and checked out his gift. The telescopic stun baton is virtually 2 feet long when totally lengthened and just a bit over one foot the moment collapsed. Its unexpectedly lightweight and the just the electrified components are metal.

    This is amazing since this baton stun gun is going to be less difficult for me to use. Im able to use it being a flashlight or an alarm if perhaps I must get attention towards my own self. That can put out 2.5 million volts of electricity however that is not the coolest thing about this.

    In case someone you are shocking grabs you back the electricity does not come back to you. How neat is that? Furthermore electrical energy goes up and down the extendable stun baton therefore no individual would be able to get it from you.

    I never imagined I would have to use that until a couple of months later as soon as my date turned belligerent. He was intoxicated and forced himself in while I opened the door to my very own apartment. I grabbed my own stun gun baton and switched it on. Viewing electric sparks was enough to straighten up his head and he went away.

  • Tactics For Safeguarding Oneself In Tiny Ways

    From the minute I began working as a waitress I found myself returning home later as compared to I commonly did. The first thing my own partner Tom said was hed definitely purchase me one of those stun weapons. And quickly he did.

    We had realized shortly beforehand that one of my female coworkers had nearly gotten robbed except she had a stun weapon along with her! So Tom bought me one assured this would protect me as I made my way home.

    He explained that electrical shock coming from stun guns causes the muscles to work more quickly than their typical rate. He added I should not be reluctant making use of one since these are non-fatal and they result in merely a momentary paralysis to the attacker offering me time to get away.

    Stun devices come in different sizes. Little stun gadgets are compact as well as lightweight. These are extremely handy and can be concealed within the palm of the hand to be able to surprise an enemy.

    They also are available in assorted designs. Tom explained masked stun devices would successfully make opponents naive of precisely what the victim-to-be had.

    My self-defense weapon is a Stun Master rechargeable lipstick stun gun. This suits me well as it is just 3 inches in length unique in its clever appearance as a lipstick and very portable that I can easily slide this easily within my own handbag.

    I never possessed a problem becoming accustomed to it since it is really easy to use. Beneath the top there is the flashlight switch and another button for the stun weapon. What is much more interesting is its disable pin secured to a wrist strap that is put on around the wrist as well as attached to the base of the little stun weapon.

    As Tom discussed if the stun gun were seized from me perhaps by force then the disable pin will be removed preventing the unit from working. I feel a lot more safe about leaving work at this point and have become a fan of all stun weapons.

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