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High Tech Safety

  • Telescopic Stun Gun Baton Product Review

    Telescopic stun gun baton is the latest stun gun having a rating of 7.5 million volts. This item comes with multiple functions and carries different significant benefits over the other master stun guns. This stun gun has a flashlight feature, which no other stun gun in the stock has. Also, this product has a personal alarm system that alerts you in an emergency situation in case you are confronted by an attacker.

    This item works very much like a regular baton. With a mere flick of the wrist, you get an instant 21.5” metal baton ready for action. The complete extension of the baton can give you a psychological edge over the attacker who might think twice about choosing you to be his target or victim. The fully extended baton is a great choice if you want to maintain your distance from your attacker, unlike our handheld guns where you need to be in close contact with him.

    With that said, the best thing about this telescopic stun gun is the stun feature. Hit the stun trigger when making contact with the perpetrator.

    If you jog regularly, this telescopic flashlight stun gun baton could be really helpful, especially if you encounter dogs on your jogging route. This is an effective animal control stun gun baton to maintain your distance from deadly dogs.

    This is inarguably one of the best self defense products available in the market. The option of stealing the item from view is a definite benefit over the conventional stun gun we have in the market. The unit comes with an internal battery source and a battery charger. Therefore, you never have to be worried about running out of batteries. Moreover, this stun baton comes with a holster. Thus, the telescopic stun gun baton is a great defense tool, having multiple features. This is a must have item for safety conscious people.

  • Self Defense Pepper Spray - Non-Lethal Self Defense

    Self defense pepper spray is a non-lethal and affordable way to protect oneself from assailants. Pepper spray comes in a variety of styles and is available for civilians, police, and military forces.

    The main component of pepper spray is capsacin, which is the same component that gives hot peppers their spice. Pepper spray self defense effectiveness is enhanced by the high level of capsacin which is generally much higher then is found even in the hottest chili peppers, which is where the powerful deterrent lies. An assailant sprayed with pepper spray will be forced to close their eyes, will tear uncontrollably, and may start coughing. Most assailants will be completely debilitated by both the pain and the blinding nature of the spray.

    Pepper spray can take anywhere from a half an hour to an hour (or longer) before the effects wear off enough to allow the recipient of the spray to resume normal functions. Pepper spray does not wash well off in water, as the capsacin does not readily dissolve in water.

    Self defense pepper spray should be used with extreme care. The spray is considered a weapon, and, as with any weapon, it should be stored in a safe place when not being carried. The effects of the spray can spread through the air if used in a windy area, and can cause pain to the wielder of the spray if the wind is facing them. Of course, if being assaulted this is a small consideration, as debilitating the attacker is obviously the priority. Nevertheless, the safety catch should be kept on at all times when not specifically in use, and the self defense pepper spray should be kept safely away from children at all times.

    The most popular non-lethal, self-defense product available to the average citizen today, this pepper spray is now available in both offline and online stores. Buy it today!

  • Dog Pepper Sprays: Taking the Bite Out of an Aggressive Dog

    There is nothing more frightening than the feeling you get when a stray dog crosses your path. Many times the animal is friendly and simply wants a little attention. Sometimes it is not so friendly. In these cases dog pepper sprays can prove indispensable.

    Dog pepper sprays come in easy-to-handle containers that will fit easily in your pocket or on your key ring. They usually have a very simple design that allows you to flip the top or turn it to expose the nozzle. If you have a dog that is acting aggressively the important thing to do is to move slowly so as not to provoke attack. While running is a good first instinct, you may find that it won't work in your case, particularly if you are too close to the dog or you know you don't have the stamina to outlast the animal. Dog pepper sprays allow you to stand your ground and use your intellect instead of brute force. And since you can often spray a target up to ten feet away, there is no reason to allow the confrontation to escalate to an attack.

    Dog pepper sprays are derived from chili peppers. The active ingredient is oleoresin capsicum, or OC, which is delivered in the form of a mist that causes intense burning, pain and swelling upon contact. While the effects are not fatal, they are incapacitating for up to an hour depending on the concentration of the spray. Dog pepper sprays give you time to get away from what could be a bad situation and results in no permanent damage to the animal.

    Since dog pepper sprays contain OC, you will have to take precautions when preparing to spray it toward a dangerous animal. Try to spray it with the wind, since it will affect you just the same as it would your target. If you get it in your face it will enter your eyes and mucous membranes and could cause respiratory problems as well as pain.

  • Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor

    Save Money with a Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor

    As we say goodbye to 2014 and welcome 2015, did you make any New Year resolutions about saving money or trying to be more frugal in your daily spending? While it's always a good idea to curb your impulse purchases, investing in products that will protect your property will save you thousands later down the road. Keep your New Year resolution to save money with the purchase of the Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor.

    Motion Sensors for Home Security: Spend a Little, Save a Lot

    Wireless home security motion sensor Wireless home security motion sensor


    The Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor doesn't cost much more than a nice meal at your favorite family restaurant, but the benefits of home surveillance far outweigh the price tag. Not only is this home protection device highly affordable, there are several ways that this motion detector can actually save you money.

    #1 - Stop Gasoline Thieves with Motion Sensors

    Gasoline is a big expense in most households and the last thing you need is someone siphoning it out of your vehicle, not to mention the possibility of damaging your vehicle or property. Don't become one of the many Americans that have no clue someone is stealing their petrol. Get the gas mileage you deserve when thieves can't take your fuel!

    #2 - Know Who is in Your Driveway with Motion Sensors

    If you have ever had something stolen out of your driveway or front yard, you know what a terrible feeling it is. Protect your bicycles, outdoor toys, sporting equipment, lawn furniture and decor with the motion sensor. If you have a beloved and expensive pedigree pet, you may be aware of the rising number of pets being kidnapped, especially during the holiday season. This crime stopping device will protect your beloved pets too!

    #3 - Prevent Damage to Windows and Doors with Motion Sensors

    Stop thieves at their chosen entry point with the motion sensor, protecting your windows and doors from damage. Glass, screen wire, door knobs, door frames, wood trim and moulding are just some of the damaged materials you might have to replace if a burglar chooses to rob your home when you’re not equipped with the Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor.

    Order Your Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor Now!

    These are just a few of the many ways you can save money with the Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor, which can detect movement from up to 24 feet and lets out a shrill alarm that can be heard from a distance, complete with a bright light to scare intruders away. Keep you and your loved ones out of harm’s way by purchasing this 9 volt battery operated home security device ...and guess what? This Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor can also double as an emergency light!

    What are some more ways to save with the Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor?

  • Drink Guard Date Rape Drug Detector

    Date Rape Drug Detector product Drink Guard Date Rape Drug Detector product is a helpful kit that can help you discover exactly what is up with your drink. Testing strips can be used to detect drugs such as Ketamine and GHB in both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages

    Staying safe during those times when you're out partying is not easy. There are people who will try to drug you with a date rape drug to have you drink it, and end up bringing you to their house and do whatever they choose to you. A lot of women and even men get drugged every month at bars, parties, and events, and it is hard sometimes to know whether somebody buys you a drink for being nice or if they are trying to drug you. Others may even slip something inside when you just aren't looking. There are, however, very powerful products like a date rape drug test kit that will help you determine exactly whether somebody has drugged your drink or not.

    The Drink Guard Date Rape Drug Detector product is a helpful kit that can help you discover exactly what is up with your drink. There are 10 testing cards inside of this simple kit. There are always two tests for every card. To make it work, simply take a drop of your drink and put it on your testing area for the card, and then wait for it until it dries. When it dries up, you'll know whether the drink is safe to drink or not. If it happens to turn dark blue, avoid drinking it because it is most like drugged. If it stays the same or turns into another color, then you're all good.

    You can be using this to help you find out if there are drugs likeKetamine or GHB, both of which are very popular for those who want to rape their dates. This date rape drug test kit can save your life.

    Date rapes happen almost every single day, and most bars do not tolerate taking bribes from customers to put drugs in their dates drinks. Buy this date rape drug test kit and save your life. Click here to get access to this Date Rape Drug Detector kit.

  • The Perfect Holiday Gift Is One That Can Save A Life

    The world out there is crazy. Some people are walking around in such a desperate need for money and are looking for the vulnerable people to mug and make a buck. There are other people who are so full of rage that they assault other people just to vent. There are rapes and car thefts. It is sad, but that is the truth. There are thousands of crimes upon so many people each year.

    The World is full of terrible things, and you and your loved ones need something to defend yourselves. The perfect holiday gift a self-defense product. With the numerous options in the market, you are stumped on which one to buy.

    Stun guns will deliver the ultimate in non-lethal protection. They are legal in most states and are highly effective. The stun master is one of the leading brands of stun guns in the industry, and it has a flawless reputation. Keep Stun Master Multi-function Stun Gun in your car

    You need a Covert Stun Master® Stun Gun Flashlight on your night stands so you are always prepared in case you inadvertently find yourself in a dangerous situation.

    Nothing can prepare an attacker for the shock of a lifetime than the one he would get when a stun gun is used on him. Stun Master Mini Stun Baton comes with special conductive screws that will shock the attacker trying to touch or seize the stun baton from you. It has an innovative screw system that has replaced the outdated strip had a tendency of coming off.

    A stun gun is a hand-held device with an outward facing prongs at the end that when triggered emits a high voltage visible arc of electricity. It shuts the neuromuscular system of the body temporarily. Like most of other electronic devices used for self-defence, a stun gun has higher and lower amperage. This means that it will shock and immobilize the attacker but will not leave a permanent damage to the body. It has a safety switch, so it does not activate accidentally. In addition, if your body and that of the attacker are in contact at the moment you use a stun gun on him, the electric current does not flow through you and harm you.
    Stun guns are perfect tools for self-defence. They work. Pack 11 million volts of self-defence with the stun master hot shot stun gun. The pain they cause the attacker does the trick. It is the quick burst of electricity stored in the stun gun that produces a lot of psychology changes that rapidly occur in the body. The stun gun overwhelms the nervous system of the attacker so that they lose energy and also depletes all the energy they need to move. With the vast array of stun guns than include Li'l Guy Rechargeable Stun Gun With Flashlight Blackfrom Stun Master, and stun gun accessories such as Large Multipurpose Stun Flashlight, Stun Master Telescopic Stun Baton, lithium batteries, Stun Master Mobile Charger and Mini Badass Flashlight, among others, there is something for everyone.

    When seconds counts, a stun gun can save your life or that of a loved one. 3 million volt rechargeable lipstick with flashlight, is a perfect choice for your wife when she is driving alone, your daughter or son in college, your mother if she is a single mom. Let here take it from the movies and keep it in her purse Protect your life and that of a loved one with affordability and convenience of a stun gun from one of the trusted brands in the industry.

  • Having The Self-Confidence To Secure Yourself From Danger

    I had been whistling oblivious to the dark environment unaware that I was getting eyed as easy prey. He stepped out of the shadows and stood directly in my very own way. I felt panic flash in my eyes. Give me your wallet he told having just enough menace.

    I moved immediately pushing my own knuckle stun gun towards his own stomach. That sent electrical energy towards the criminals body. I expected pain to pass through him and his own muscle tissues to go lax as electric energy moved through his own body. I stepped away soon after what felt like a few minutes or was that merely seconds? Soon he lost stability and also kissed the ground.

    Just before I walked away I brandished my weapon in his own face. The criminal was now introduced to stun guns. He would eventually understand these are non-fatal and he would live to tell what happened.

    In reality the stunning possibly took all of three seconds and its results were prompt. Incapacitation is a stun devices primary purpose and my very own performed simply that. Luckily too it gives no permanent injury. Some people could have sprinted to safety however I tried to undertake this calmly.

    My own weapon at hand is a lot like brass knuckles except its crafted from soft rubber. Worn around the knuckles of a single hand that fits most hand sizes. It throws off a great deal of power upon impact even briefly. I could have also punched my own assailant with it.

    Im estimating it is going to be close to thirty minutes just before the robber would recover. As a personal defense device the Knuckle Blaster stun gun is really helpful particularly if utilized properly.

    Loaded with approximately a million volts of energy this is a high voltage stun weapon. This will work quickly within a couple of seconds of touching the targets body. Based on practical experience I should know.

    Personal protection commonly begins with getting smart. Find out what to do as well as select the ideal means by which to do it fast. That means in my opinion is a knuckle stun gun.

  • Ideas On How The Older People Can Live By Themselves Securely

    At 70 my mama demands on living on her own several blocks from me. Although I understand her own desire for solitude and also freedom I am scared about her own safety. We got a frustrating argument with her sulking similar to a child in the end.

    My hubby Tom ultimately recommended personal alarm systems to break the impasse. He mentioned a basic burglar alarm home security could be provided with just what we needed. It would permit mom to live by herself and me reassurance from learning we would become notified to potential threats to her security.

    A security alarm especially a deafening kind will alert any person within the vicinity that something is amiss close by and requires checking. The alarming is going to normally carry on until the alarming unit is deactivated.

    The audio alone is enough to discourage a thief yet Tom desired one other layer of protection for mother. He decided to furnish her apartment with the HomeSafe wire free home security system.

    When motion in the covered location activates either its door/window sensor or its wire free detector this will activate a 105dB alert and the device into contacting the very first of 5 pre-programmed telephone numbers in order to notify of a possible threat. Only the individual who picks up the phone call can disable the alert right after figuring out the situation.

    Mothers house of choice is a gated community for senior citizens. One of the other inhabitants possesses a magnetic door/window alarm system that emits a 110dB audio upon detecting entry. It has assisted stop 2 robberies inside Mrs. Colins house.

    A mini alert alarm making use of passive infrared technology is positioned in my sister-in-laws house within Arizona in order to keep people clear of her study where a safe is kept. It is pretty much difficult to break through the infrared triangle without activating this specific safety alarm system.

    Mother has ultimately consented to have her house equipped with that cordless alarm home security enthusiasts had suggested to my better half. Secretly I understand she is glad to have gotten her way.

  • Mastering Ancient Fighting Techniques Versus Attacks

    The Russian fighting system normally known in martial arts circles as Systema is a comprehensive and also holistic system invented by Vladimir Vasiliev. This discipline is based mainly on the body�s natural activities. This teaches you how to produce quite simple responses to harmful circumstances according to your own personal individual abilities.

    My bro and also I were raised within a non-violent home having strong pacifist values. I suppose you could call us simple country folks from the prairie.

    Two years earlier we found ourselves going into the city of Calgary in order to grow our own dads orchid nursery. It is a really active and also dynamic city and has its great amount of gangs as well as street crooks.

    Having this matter under consideration we would like to study a simple yet helpful martial arts system which we could use versus assailants the minute the situation required that. Being familiar with a reliable fighting system is really important when your business is located in one of the city�s most urban zones.

    We all work day in and day out attending to the orchids and also have little time for self-defense classes. Several months ago another farmer in FB told me concerning Vasiliev�s Russian Fighting System DVD. I decided to give this particular one a go and ordered the personal defense DVD on the Web.

    Im no stranger to street fighting videos and a whole bunch of the videos I have seen arent helpful in real-life scenarios. However this one is certainly one of the simplest and most useful systems Ive seen.

    In comparison to other martial arts the Russian fighting system makes use of very little linear strikes as well as blocks. The whole system has this graceful flowing action a lot like aikido or tai chi yet still very distinct.

    Vladimir Vasiliev is a seasoned fighter and trainer. I did my own research on the Net on the man and folks do not have anything to say but very good words regarding the master. He has developed and also perfected an ancient fighting system and is currently sharing the knowledge in a clear and also concise fashion via this combat training DVD.

  • Effective Way Of Safeguarding Your Valuables Versus Burglars

    I had finished college recently and gotten my own personal apartment. I was extremely happy due to my newfound liberty. This particular excitement was immediately dulled though due to a number of burglaries within my apartment block.

    Just as I had been feeling a desperate need to give protection to my precious things James one of my own workmates endorsed diversion safes to me. These imitate ordinary things for the home just like food storage containers as well as beverage cans with detachable tops as well as bottoms. Not like hidden safes these are put into plain sight.

    James kept his own precious collection of coins within a Spaghetti can safe which he placed on a kitchen rack. During one of our own usual poker evenings at his own home he showed that to me and I was utterly floored. It was also weighted for that added dosage of genuineness.

    The following day I went on the Net and bought myself a Coke can safe. I still could not believe precisely how real it seemed when this got shipped. I stuffed in this the emergency cash I always store in the house as well as put it inside the refrigerator at the back.

    Around three weeks afterwards while I was devoting a weekend at my mommys my residence had been broken into. I obtained a telephone call from the caretaker and arrived to find my entrance door lock totally busted.

    Many of my own personal things was misplaced. I rushed towards the refrigerator promptly. There untouched behind was my very own reliable Coke diversion safe. Thanks to that deceiving can of soda Id safeguarded a pretty large pile of cash.

    Come Mothers Day I got my mom a dried soup can safe to store her jewelry in. She keeps that inside her kitchen pantry at this moment and keeps getting this each time she would like to cook some stew given that she cant identify the difference.

    Ive come to realize that the trouble with hidden safes is that they are specifically what burglars look for. With diversion safes Im able to leave my home alone and continue to have some peace of mind.

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