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Keeping Aggressive Canines Away When On The Street

I am employed as a cycle courier in Chicago�s northern suburbs ever since 2009. Driving through a street filled with free-roaming canines is certainly not new to me. I often bring stuff in this old lady�s home in Libertyville. Its a good neighborhood however one particular road has many overly infuriated dogs that bark violently and also chase me whenever I pass.

I could happily say Im one of the fastest couriers this side of town yet I do not like to bet becoming assaulted by a mad dog thus I got myself some dog pepper spray.

Self-defense sprays are chemical compounds developed to bring about an intense burning feeling upon contact. These cause uncontrollable choking and coughing incapacitating the target for the moment and also enabling the user to run away from the danger.

Dog sprays are non-fatal personal defense devices. This means they will not cause permanent injury to both dogs and human beings despite the fact that they arent recommended for use on the latter and vice versa.

These are defense sprays and meant to fend off canines rather than hurt or provoke all of them intentionally. The results are simply temporary and the dog will return to normal as soon as those wear away.

My immediate manager suggested the Mace Muzzle canine repellent since it is a canine repellant accepted by the EPA. This one is just great for bicycle couriers as well as joggers runners and also almost anyone who encounters dog threats in the streets.

I really like the size and design. It has a flip-top cover in order to prevent any unintended spraying. This possesses 17 grams of compound and sprays within a range of 8 to 10 feet assuring you a risk-free distance from the upset canine.

I take mine along with me whenever I ride my own bicycle to deliver items. At present I can take roads even if you can find violent dogs roaming around. This dependable dog pepper spray saved my butt from a rather violent Chow Chow one afternoon.

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