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Animal Repellents

  • Dog Pepper Sprays: Taking the Bite Out of an Aggressive Dog

    There is nothing more frightening than the feeling you get when a stray dog crosses your path. Many times the animal is friendly and simply wants a little attention. Sometimes it is not so friendly. In these cases dog pepper sprays can prove indispensable.

    Dog pepper sprays come in easy-to-handle containers that will fit easily in your pocket or on your key ring. They usually have a very simple design that allows you to flip the top or turn it to expose the nozzle. If you have a dog that is acting aggressively the important thing to do is to move slowly so as not to provoke attack. While running is a good first instinct, you may find that it won't work in your case, particularly if you are too close to the dog or you know you don't have the stamina to outlast the animal. Dog pepper sprays allow you to stand your ground and use your intellect instead of brute force. And since you can often spray a target up to ten feet away, there is no reason to allow the confrontation to escalate to an attack.

    Dog pepper sprays are derived from chili peppers. The active ingredient is oleoresin capsicum, or OC, which is delivered in the form of a mist that causes intense burning, pain and swelling upon contact. While the effects are not fatal, they are incapacitating for up to an hour depending on the concentration of the spray. Dog pepper sprays give you time to get away from what could be a bad situation and results in no permanent damage to the animal.

    Since dog pepper sprays contain OC, you will have to take precautions when preparing to spray it toward a dangerous animal. Try to spray it with the wind, since it will affect you just the same as it would your target. If you get it in your face it will enter your eyes and mucous membranes and could cause respiratory problems as well as pain.

  • How To Enhance Your Security Around Unwanted Dogs

    I am not the kind who is particularly fond of canines even if they are very lovely and also pleasant. Im not delighted with the reality that my jogging routes will be restricted because of this particular dread. Thus when one of my workmates told me the benefits of electronic animal repellers I had an interest right away.

    Mandy said that her teenager niece received the same fear as mine. Therefore her brother searched around and learned a practical remedy on the Web in the form of a simple electronic gadget meant to keep dogs at bay the moment this is set off.

    She went on the Web and demonstrated the exact same unit her own sibling had obtained known as the Dog Chaser electronic dog repeller. This particular unique self-defense tool from dogs generates an annoying and also discomforting high-frequency noise (20000 Hz to 25000 Hz) that just dogs can pick up. This repels canines at a distance of forty feet.

    A second setting comes with a really bright flashing LED strobe light designed to confuse and also blind the dog momentarily letting the user to escape to safety.

    Initially I had been a little cautious because the canine repellant might induce damage. As much as I do not like dogs I do not want to cause them any kind of bodily harm. Mandy assured me that this dog repellent doesnt induce any harm and any effect is going to be brief.

    I made a decision to receive one on the Net As soon as that was brought to me I took it along with me the next day I went jogging. I gathered my nerve to take the way in which I knew there would be numerous dogs wandering around.

    The second I took a turn I came across 3 stray canines that were acting pretty aggressively. They began to come to my way and they didnt look too friendly whatsoever.

    My heart rate began racing while I set off the non-lethal device. The instant I pushed a button the dogs halted instantly. It worked! Im grateful I found electronic animal repellers and at the right time too.

  • The Best Way To Ward Off Canine Attacks While Working

    My bro has yet to overcome his trauma of canines. Nate was chased around the community by an aggressive canine when we were still small. Help had appear in time to be able to prevent him from becoming bitten yet he struggled with bad dreams. He dreamt of the ferocious fangs hed continued viewing when he turned around while running as quickly as he could.

    I find it curious that he currently works as a messenger as well as delivery guy one that does his rounds usually by walking. Although he can not select his own routes a coworker has assisted him become efficient at his job even though dogs are in the picture. That individuals solution is pepper spray dogs can be felled with.

    I did not know pepper spray also works on animals. Nate pointed out that it is non-fatal and leaves absolutely no untreatable harm. This simply leaves a burning discomfort in the eyes and also on the skin. He pointed out that pepper sprays designed for mankind ought not to be utilized on dogs.

    Canine sprays are made particularly for dogs. Similarly theyve got short-term effects and will not cause canines to undergo damage permanently. Because animal senses are sharp dog defense spray seeks to dull these first.

    I usually pictured Nate being paralyzed with fright each time he came across a dog. Throughout the rare occasions he had made use of his Mace defense spray dog repeller he mentioned it confused its target.

    Once a dog got uncomfortable my very own brother just strolled away unscathed as did the canine. He finds that defense spray for dogs is a gentle way of protecting oneself against these kinds of animals.

    I would say it must really work. Or else Nate could have started out looking for a different work.

    Nate no more leaves home without his dog repellent. A brand new spray is constantly ready even before he utilizes up the 10 one-second blasts coming from each 17-gram cylinder. This particular practical pepper spray dogs are repelled with coming from a distance of 8 to 10 feet has grown to be my brother�s most dependable buddy.

  • Keeping Aggressive Canines Away When On The Street

    I am employed as a cycle courier in Chicago�s northern suburbs ever since 2009. Driving through a street filled with free-roaming canines is certainly not new to me. I often bring stuff in this old lady�s home in Libertyville. Its a good neighborhood however one particular road has many overly infuriated dogs that bark violently and also chase me whenever I pass.

    I could happily say Im one of the fastest couriers this side of town yet I do not like to bet becoming assaulted by a mad dog thus I got myself some dog pepper spray.

    Self-defense sprays are chemical compounds developed to bring about an intense burning feeling upon contact. These cause uncontrollable choking and coughing incapacitating the target for the moment and also enabling the user to run away from the danger.

    Dog sprays are non-fatal personal defense devices. This means they will not cause permanent injury to both dogs and human beings despite the fact that they arent recommended for use on the latter and vice versa.

    These are defense sprays and meant to fend off canines rather than hurt or provoke all of them intentionally. The results are simply temporary and the dog will return to normal as soon as those wear away.

    My immediate manager suggested the Mace Muzzle canine repellent since it is a canine repellant accepted by the EPA. This one is just great for bicycle couriers as well as joggers runners and also almost anyone who encounters dog threats in the streets.

    I really like the size and design. It has a flip-top cover in order to prevent any unintended spraying. This possesses 17 grams of compound and sprays within a range of 8 to 10 feet assuring you a risk-free distance from the upset canine.

    I take mine along with me whenever I ride my own bicycle to deliver items. At present I can take roads even if you can find violent dogs roaming around. This dependable dog pepper spray saved my butt from a rather violent Chow Chow one afternoon.

  • The Best Way To Deal With Your Fear Of Canines

    My 12-year-old child was almost breathless as he ran through the entrance door. Sweat flowed down his face. His own t-shirt was wet. Darren was chased by a mutt ...again. My sister-in-law had been disturbed at the sight of him and very concerned but right after being informed of the situation Jessy got a quick recommendation.

    An animal repeller is going to be the most effective personal defense weapon for any individual which has a fear of dogs. Darren became instantly attentive and also curious about just what his auntie had stated. Jessy was aware of a tiny portable gadget that would function to keep these dogs away.

    From some distance the Dog Chaser produces a high-frequency sound hearable simply to canines. This ultrasonic sound ranges from 20000 to 25000 Hz and creates extreme discomfort which tends to make a dog leave however the animal is never in any kind of threat.

    A buddy of Jessy holds that when he jogs around the community because of strays that pursue passersby from whom they pick up the scent of fear. He was relieved to have found the gadget since he no more needed to drive in a different place to run.

    The electronic canine repeller had functioned greatly the very first time Joe utilized it. With the canines continue to 40 feet away he pushed the button and looked at them hunker away making his route free and clear.

    Another means to fend off hostile dogs is by using blinking LED strobe lights constructed into this particular dog repellent.

    Those lighting are extremely vibrant that they upset as well as confuse the canine thus it dashes away. Joe just likes the repellant because it implies he can take a jog anytime even in the dark.

    This story made Darren extremely excited. He bugged me the whole week to purchase the device. He was driven to face his fear of dogs.

    The animal repeller worked as promised. Darren continued to pass the exact same route where the stray dogs often hung around and it worked each and every time.

  • Keeping Up With Angry Dogs On The Run

    With fury viciousness and also intense irritability is how canines on a street corner welcome me. Regardless of how I make an attempt to evade all of them throughout my early morning strolls I often receive this not-too-warm greeting coming from those canines. I figured I could become accustomed to it however it ended up that equipping myself using a dog repellant was the far better solution.

    Just like regular self-defense spray suitable for humans dog pepper spray leaves an unpleasant burning feeling to the skin and also the eyes. However it is not wise to utilize canine sprays on human beings as well as the other way around.

    Inflicting upset dogs bodily injury isnt an alternative. And that helps to use a canine repellent in order to minimize the chance of any permanent damage both towards the dog and also me since pepper spray is non-deadly.

    My close friend Annie once made use of a dog pepper spray on an irate boxer near school. In seconds she had been able to fend off the canine hence avoiding any kind of nerve-wracking canine strike. Soon after what happened her tool left the canine intact.

    Pepper spraying likewise offered enough time for her to go away and for the canine to fully recover afterwards. I acquired the same Mace Muzzle dog pepper spray Annie possesses in order to scare crazed canines off as I undertake my everyday walks.

    In early spring afterward a German shepherd went dashing towards me out of nowhere at one time. Without thinking twice I held on to my very own dog repellent while this canine kept its attention on me.

    In time for its sudden jump a few of 10 single second blasts coming from my own spray went zooming in the direction of the dogs face and neck. The 17-gram dog repellant permitted me to maintain a safe distance of eight to ten feet from my very own attacker.

    Immediately after several minutes the canines keeper showed up. He had been glad that I was able to hold his own canine down. Or else the German shepherd might have gone too far while being left unsupervised.

  • How You Can Safeguard Yourself From Dog Assault

    When we were toddlers a dog bit my sister and I was around to observe the whole incident. Since that time I have grown terribly fearful of canines. Although the bite was not fatal I have not touched or looked at any canine the same manner again. To be able to help me overcome this fear workmates proposed I obtain a dog repellent for self-defense.

    Walking home late in the evening after work was never an issue for me until recently. When the road only a few meters from the coffee shop where I worked came to be under repair I was compelled to start taking a detour.

    I did not like my new route since I had to pass by an empty lot in which a gang of stray canines ordinarily gathered. I made a decision to acquire a personal protection weapon. I eyed pepper sprays which I learned would create an agonizing burning sensation on the skin and within the eyes to take the attacker down for a few moments.

    Colleagues at work stated canine self-defense spray was different from the types used on humans. It was intended for canines only in order to ward them off rather than provoke them to fight you.

    In spite of my aversion toward canines I do not plan to seriously hurt any. I just wanted a weapon that would not cause them long-term injury. When I found that self-defense spray for dogs was non-lethal and would give canines the chance to recover and come back to normalcy I was sold.

    I bought Mace Muzzle canine repellent on the Net. This features a flip-top security cap to prevent the spray from going off by mistake. This has 10 one-second bursts and can spray from 8 to 10 feet away.

    I like my dog repellent since it is simple to handle and never too heavy for me. I bring it around anywhere as I do not wish to take any chances.

    I figure making use of a dog repellent is an effective and gentle manner to safeguard myself from any dog attack. I even recommended this to my buddies that were into jogging and biking.

  • Personal Defense That Is Effective But Not Lethal

    My household never leaves home for a camping excursion without some bear repellent spray. It has saved our hide a few times. All of us feel secure using defense spray as it is non-fatal. The burning feeling it causes on the skin is one effective deterrent versus wildlife.

    Therefore my husband was stunned as soon as Slater told him regarding a friends camping adventure in which a bear wandered to the campground. They had utilized wasp spray as personal defense since it was the sole thing available. They thought it could force the grizzly bear away.

    David knows that wasp spray is an insecticide. Therefore it utilizes lethal materials to get rid of dangerous bugs. Just because humans are many times larger than insects it doesnt imply what can kill the former is not going to induce injury to the latter.

    My hubby added no scientific testing have been carried out to prove they are safe as well as effective as personal defense devices. Neither is there enough information to state they arent going to be dangerous to humans.

    Bear sprays are recommended items when in the outdoors. Their primary purpose would be to lessen injuries on people by a bear while helping promote the recovery and survival of these animals inhabitants.

    Our favorite Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent spray is ecologically safe however will teach bears a painful lesson to keep away from people. Its effective as a personal defense weapon while preserving the life of an attacking bear.

    A lot of people are reluctant to make use of lethal guns for protection in the wild. They are more comfortable with bear pepper spray and tend to make use of it more confidently and properly.

    The efficacy of wasp spray as self defense is still without basis. And we do not want to risk our lives or the ones from the bear population with that knowledge. My husband for one will always ensure a bear repellant spray is handy on our camping trips.

  • Utilizing Technology To Be Able To Overcome My Phobia Of Canines

    No doubt Im really cynophobic. My medical doctor says this is just what they call men and women that have an unusual fear of dogs. I used to try to reason that I just didnt desire to get bit by one but over time I have started to accept that I really am that. It is why I often bring a canine repellent with me.

    As foolish as this seems I usually feel like dogs like assaulting me in a way. So I got myself me some canine defense spray.

    Defense spray leaves a burning discomfort on the skin which ought to keep violent canines from assaulting me. It also constricts respiration and I require them to be able to feel that as well the moment these canines give me the same effect.

    But I am pretty cautious about using dog repellant. I make it a point to spray it on a canine only when no people is nearby because it is not advisable for use on human beings.

    I am equally pleased that dog spray is non-deadly and also cuts down on the risk of permanent damage to both people and also dogs. Though I have an irrational hate of canines I certainly do not desire to kill one.

    All I desire is to be able to go away from a puppy as much as possible. That is the reason why I like my pepper spray for dogs. It is just personal protection on my side without injuring the canine critically.

    A defense spray keeps the dog away instead of making it more agitated enough to want to fight with me. After the sprays effects wear away the canine can go back to its regular lively self.

    What I have proven to be quite useful to me is Mace Muzzle canine repellent. This is easy to carry because it is lightweight at only 17 grams. I do not have to get near the canine because it can spray approximately 10 feet. And it has more than enough spray 10 one-second bursts to last me through a full-on dog assault.

  • Enjoying Your Walks In The Community In Spite Of Dogs Around

    Mans closest chum just isnt necessarily mine. And I dislike the thought of not being able to go walking around the community due to my fear of dogs. So when Mrs. Potts nearby talked about an electronic dog chaser I was automatically curious. Could it be the solution to my prayers?

    Mrs. Potts said her granddaughter likewise had a dog phobia so her child scouted around for anything to help the girl with. The answer came in a simple tool which whenever activated would keep dogs away from the individual.

    I was apprehensive because it might hurt the dog. As much as I was fearful of them I did not wish them physically harmed. Mrs. Potts said not to worry given that any effect was short-lived.

    She had Doug her kid call me and that was just how I ended up with the Super DogChaser. This personal defense device lets out a discomforting high-frequency audio between 20000 Hz to 25000 Hz which only canines hear. And this works coming from a distance of 40 feet.

    There is another setting which sets off a super bright LED flashing strobe which causes temporary blindness as well as confusion to the dog. Thus you can either rush the opposite direction or merely walk away to safety.

    I made a decision to test my personal anti-dog-attack gizmo and finally took a stroll around the neighborhood. Alone. I understood there was a street where some dogs were permitted to stroll. I took a deep breath and went out there.

    Certainly enough I noticed two canines from a distance. They were sniffing one another and then started jumping at one another. I am certain they were simply playing but my heart started to beat quicker. I likewise realize that animals sense fear and this warns them. They did stop playing and begin trotting toward me.

    My palms began sweating and I fumbled with the dog chaser switch. The dogs stopped dead in their tracks mere seconds after I pushed it. I did not have the nerve to utilize the light and simply hurriedly walked past them. Whew safe!

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