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Monthly Archives: July 2015

  • Don’t Be the Next Victim of Date Rape; Use the Date Rape Drug Detector

    Date rape has become increasingly common in recent years.

    A day or evening that began so well can end up being the most haunting day of your life. Date rape victims will often narrate their harrowing experience with fear and deep sadness, wishing there was something they could do to erase those awful memories.

    How about doing away with date rape altogether? The solution to this is now in our hands; we can choose to use date rape drug detector and forever prevent date rapes that occur due to illicit drugging by perpetrators. Over 70% of date rapes occur when unsuspecting victims’ drinks are laced with drugs. Victims are then likely to loosen their inhibitions or simply pass out. Date rape drugs are usually impossible to detect; they are odorless, colorless and tasteless. However, by choosing to use the ultimate date rape drug detector, you will be able to know if your drink is safe.

    It is better to be safe than sorry. Once this heinous act happens, victims carry these deep wounds for life. Nobody should ever have to go through this kind of humiliation, indignity and degradation. This is why we strongly advocate for the use of date rape drug detector if you are unsure about your drink. It is the best way to keep those shameless rapists at bay while protecting yourself.

    There are certain features of this date rape drug detector that make it distinct and a notable solution. First, this Drink Guard is very easy to use. A kit has 10 test cards and each card can be used for two tests. It has a complete set of instructions and gives users a comprehensive and easy to understand kind of manual on the product’s pack. The date rape drug detector is able to detect even tiny hints of these illicit drugs with a very impressive success rate. Rapists were able to carry out their utterly odious acts because date rape drugs could go undetected in drinks- not any more! Potential victims now have a fighting chance. Let’s do away with drug induced sexual assault, Buy the date rape drug detector today.

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