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Monthly Archives: June 2015

  • Benefits of Date Rape Drug Detection Products

    Starting your New Year safer should be a top New Year’s resolution for women. The crime against women is constantly going up across the world. Therefore, it is critical for women to take control of their personal safety. Among the biggest challenges which most women face beside getting attack in the public is date rape. Mostly, date rape cases occur when women are accompanied by someone who they trust most to go out with. While it might occur during the first date, most of the cases are caused by people who you have known for a while. Celebrations and parties are of special concern, especially if you do not know most of the individuals attending.

    To be safer, carry date rape drug detection products if you are going to attend parties of any event where drinks will be served. These are test kits to test your drinks for hidden drugs. There are ten test cards in each test kit, and each card has two tests. The kits are small and easy to carry because they are the size of a business card.

    It is also easy to perform a test using date rape drug detection products. Just put a few drops of your drink on the test kit and wait it to dry. You will know if your drink has a hidden drug if it turns blue. These products can be used to detect the most common date rape drugs such as Ketamine and GHB in non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. These drugs facilitate sexual assault if they are slipped into your drinks.

    Date rape drug detection products offer you the opportunity to safeguard your drink by using a test kit. You will instantly know the safety of your drink by just putting one drop of your drink on this kit. These products are used across the world, and they are trusted to prevent date rate. Therefore, do not hesitate to visit http://www.hightechsafety.com/drink-guard-date-rape-drug-detector.html to make your purchase and for more information about these products.

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