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Monthly Archives: May 2015

  • Perform the Date Rape Drug Test before drinking anything!

    We all need to drink a refreshing beverage from time to time, but given nowadays' extremely conflicting world it can be quite easy for girls to fall under the trap of a drug facilitated sexual assault, commonly known as date rape. However, thanks to the newest Date Rape Drug Test invented by Drink Guard, women will no longer have to worry about bad intentions. This newly-brevetted test clearly shows if a drink is perfectly pure or has chances to be diluted with a date rape drug such as Ketamine or GHB.

    The Date Rape Drug Test contains 10 separate cards, with each card being usable for 2 times (on each side). It's the perfect tool for women who are worried about their social security and want to ensure that nothing suspicious made its way into their newest drinks. It works in non-alcoholic beverages but also in alcoholic ones. The system is tried and tested and works in 99% of cases. If the card turns dark blue, then you should avoid drinking at all costs. However, if the color does not change, then it means the drink is clean and safe to use.

    Each of these test cards is tested and ensured to work every time. You can count on date rape drug test if you want to know whether the new beverage you just received contains signs of drugs or it's perfectly clean. The Date Rape Drug Test was created in order to ensure that women stay on the safe side at every meeting or event they attend. The cards are discrete and can be conveniently hold in a pocket or pursed and used whenever desired. The product represents a novelty in the domain, being able to be used regardless of event and with accurate, instant results. Order one right now from this page before the supplies run out!

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