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Monthly Archives: April 2015

  • Stay Safe With Drink Guard Date Rape Drug Detector For The Detection of Ketamine and Norketamine

    There is nothing wrong with going out for an evening on the town with friends, or a social drink after long day's work. Don't let creeps with date rape drugs turn your relaxing evening into a nightmare which you will never forget. Drink Guard Date Rape drug detector can help keep you safe, maybe even alive. Discreet, business card sized sheets in packs of 10 let you test up to 20 drinks for the presence of date rape drugs - detection of ketamine and norketamine couldn't be easier. Put a drop of the drink on the test area, once it dries the test is finished. If the test area turns blue, don't have your drink. Be confident when you go out, and in charge of who you interact with and how far it goes by using Drink Guard Date Rape drug detector.

    Date rape is a very real problem in nightclubs, especially for young women and their female friends. You can't always tell if a guy is being sincere or if he has something else in mind just by talking. Stop avoiding the washroom to protect your drink and know that you can have confidence that any round bought for you or left in the care of a stranger will be just as safe as when the bartender prepared it. You will feel able to engage in social conversation without worry that if you say something offensive you will end up behind the club the next morning with no idea what happened to you.

    Detection of ketamine and norketamine is important as these are the drugs most commonly slipped into an unsuspecting woman's drink. They create an altered sense of reality and amnesia about what has happened, making it harder for police to convict a rapist who uses the drugs. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe without sacrificing your night life, carry a pack of Drink Guard Date Rape drug detector in your purse and you are ready for any situation where detection of ketamine and norketamine may arise. Purchase now, and don't forget to add a pack for your friends and loved ones.

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