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Monthly Archives: March 2015

  • Why Should You Buy a Date Rape Drug Testing Kit?

    Statistics have indicated that the number of date rape drugs in clubs, parties or collages have been increasing in the recent past. In fact, the number of women being drugged and consequently being raped has also increased significantly. However, the painful bit of it all is that, the victims do not get the kind of justice they deserve after undergoing such an agony. The victims experience severe disorientation, blackouts, confusion, lowered inhibitions and a hazy memory of what actually took place. To avoid being in such a situation, you need to be very cautious and avoid being given free drinks. Nevertheless, such a precaution may not be sufficient; it is important that you test all your drinks to be sure that they are safe. You can only do this using a date rape drug testing kit.

    These kits are available in most online stores at affordable prices of about $9.99. They are portable with most of them coming inform of test cards and accurate. Moreover, testing a drink using the kits is also simple and straightforward; you don’t require any form of training. You only need to sacrifice just some few minutes to know the state of your drinks. You need to acquire a date rape drug testing kit if you are that kind of person who drinks in social places.

    A number of these illicit Date Rape drugs such as gamma hydroxybutyrate (GBH) are odorless, colorless and tasteless thus; do not be cheated that you will be able to detect their presence in your drink. Remember, 10 minutes after you have swallowed the drugs; you will begin to feel their effect- feeling extremely drunk, confused etc. The sad part of it all is that they can remain active in your body for even 8 hours. This is such a long time. You should not make a mistake of taking such a risk yet most date rape drug testing kits go for less than $10. These kits are mainly designed to help you escape the traps set by people with ill motives.

    So, be sure to be smarter than them by testing your drinks. Visit our online store today for quality and affordable testing kits.

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