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Monthly Archives: February 2015

  • Why Date Rape Drug Testing Strips Are Gaining Popularity

    Date Rape Drug Detection Date Rape Drug Detection

    Without any shred of doubt, cases of date rape have continued to rise over the years and unfortunately this trend doesn’t look as if it is going to slow down any time soon. There are several factors which make it almost impossible to slow down this trend. First and foremost, with the advent of the social media, many people tend to meet on the social media realm, chat for a while then go for their first date without really knowing enough details about each other. Even though a huge majority of such meetings don’t end in date rape, they do offer a fertile ground for ill intentioned individuals. People going for such romantic meetings are well advised to have some date rape drug testing strips such as Drink Guard Date Rape Drug detector with them so as to greatly reduce the chances of getting drugged and raped during such a date. This is especially so if you are meeting for the first time and you are all alone, in the evening and somewhere you are not so familiar with.

    It is worth noting that each test kit of the above mentioned date rape testing strips does come with 10 test cards and each and every card can handle two tests. These cards are not too small neither are they too large; they are around the size of a business card and are therefore quite portable. The test is very simple; just put a drop of your drink on the test area and then wait for it to dry. If the strip turns dark blue, then you should not drink whatever you have been served.

    These date rape drug testing strips can be used to detect drugs such as Ketamine and GHB in both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages with a lot of ease. This makes them not only effective but also quite efficient too. They are also easy to carry as the pack weighs only four ounces. For your pack, make a point of visiting our product page at http://www.hightechsafety.com/drink-guard-date-rape-drug-detector.html and buy your packet; it may just end up saving your life.

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