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Monthly Archives: September 2013

  • Studying How To Protect Yourself Versus Real Danger

    A broken rib a busted lip a cut on the eyebrow - otherwise Greg managed to survive a random beating on his way home. I was unnerved by this stories however. Greg as well as I avoid fights as much as possible. Nonetheless I recognize there are occasions that fighting for us to shield ourselves or another person can be inevitable.

    Id later become astonished when Greg introduces me to Frank Cucci a previous Navy SEAL that presently teaches this elite group in hand-to-hand fighting. My pals beating encounter had opened his own eyes to the reality that we could not constantly wind up as a punching bag. And personal protection skills werent often taught in class.

    His own answer was street fighting videos much like the Cucci DVD Unarmed Combat Course. While recovering from his own damages Greg had searched the Net for street fighting DVDs. He had been decided to become all set when faced with threat all over again however the idea of learning along with a group had made him uneasy.

    self-defense DVDs were the better options and as Greg showed a good investment. He could possibly train in private anyplace whenever. And what better coach than the gentleman which had created the program on his own?

    I found about Gregs private training just the second both of us encountered 2 cracked heads spoiling for a fight. I was concerned about my own friend however this was pointless worry. I nonetheless cant imagine exactly what I found because it all took place so fast.

    Greg later on told me about the instructional fighting video that was his own secret weapon. By using it he learned effective self-defense capabilities quickly. More importantly he was taught to recall them instinctively. This meant the steps is going to come about naturally when required without thinking about them.

    Not merely were the skills very easy to learn Greg stated they likewise got a high consistency of success. After looking at him take down 2 scumbags undoubtedly stronger when compared with him I wasnt about to doubt that.

    If Frank Cucci is enough for the Navy SEALS then he is probably best for me just like he was for Greg.

  • Tips On How To Secure Your Belongings Versus Thieves

    When Nikki and also I constructed our home both of us planned to set up a safe inside our bedroom to be able to hide all our possessions in. One of my business partners then lost several thousand dollars in cash and also expensive jewelry the moment thieves broke into his own residence while he was at the office.

    Josh had placed all his own high-value property safe within his bedroom just like Nikki as well as I were intending to. Since many intruders are safecrackers however Josh found out that it is just not enough to conceal your own belongings within a safe. You must hide a safe which is loaded with your possessions from burglars in the first place.

    Familiar safes arent any guarantee versus theft. Poor Josh needed to learn this the tough means. Nikki and also I are simply thankful that both of us didnt.

    Both of us wondered exactly where was the greatest spot to conceal our safe? That was a difficult one to answer because thieves are a determined bunch. Theyll search your house extensively to be able to acquire just what they came for.

    We searched on the Net for answers and instantly came across diversion safes.

    Diversion safes are very simple yet ingenious. They are duplicates of common household items just like sandwich-spread containers or spray cans. They seem like and also even weigh similar to the real thing however are actually containers for storing high-value objects.

    Both of us purchased a number of diversion safes on the Web. We bought a 7-UP can safe Coke can safe JB oil treatment safe Sprite can safe and Scotchgard safe to say just a few examples.

    Nikki as well as I understand that the greater spread out all around the house our money and also jewelry are the harder its going to be for any kind of criminal to find them. In case you have to hide a safe conceal several of them instead. And there isnt any far better location to hide them from thieves than right under their noses.

  • How You Can Protect Likely Entry Points Towards Your House

    Last year someone else had broken into our apartment and stolen mothers jewelry. Although no individual was hurt that time all of us learned a lesson. And I grew to be a strong believer of home safety.

    Father informed his friends as well as our neighbors with regards to that afterwards and concerning the importance of putting up some home security devices. The others were hesitant in the beginning however when we revealed that many of these devices were cordless and/or didnt need installation they became interested.

    Dad explained that house defense alarm systems were very affordable easy-to-operate systems that would protect a house versus intruders and also vandals. Often they are attached to a doorknob door or window and is going to unleash an alarm the moment motion or vibration is found.

    After the break-in I explored the Internet immediately for home security alarms. One particular Internet site got me into glass breakage alarm systems. These vibration alarms are attached to glass windows or sliding doors and will sound off when someone else tries to break through.

    I knew these would certainly secure our windows so I requested my father to acquire a few. Each came with the required battery as well as strong adhesive tape. We put them immediately on the windows in several rooms and turned all of them on.

    To be certain we tried using the security alarm systems personally. We learned that the instant glass gets knocked upon hit kicked or broken the siren is activated after roughly half a minute.

    One more thing I like concerning these types of security alarm systems is that they can likewise be used as personal property alarms. You are able to stick one to your stereo personal computer television or cabinet and the alarm system is going to go off exactly the same the moment the alarming gadget detects vibration.

    From then on we have become significantly less concerned about burglars breaking in. And because it is very affordable I am looking into acquiring even more home security equipment for our own front as well as back doors.

  • Reliable Manner Of Protection Against Unexpected Attacks

    I work being an operating room technician in downtown Santa Monica. Most of the time I work the evening shifts. Last March I was mugged while walking down 4th street. Soon after this unfortunate event I said to my own self I wouldnt permit this take place once again and also acquired a pepper spray. Before I could utilize the real item I figured the significance of training correct pepper spray use initially.

    Defense sprays are non-lethal gizmos developed to distract an enemy by inflicting a considerable burning experience upon contact and also uncontrollable coughing providing an individual the opportunity to flee the situation as well as call for assistance.

    I am glad to have discovered practice sprays. They are best for individuals like me who are complete rookies when utilizing self-defense sprays. These water-based sprays will assist you to train and become experienced in making use of the real thing.

    Something to bear in mind though would be the truth that these sprays can also cause some burning feeling and also skin irritation because of the nitrogen component. So they should not be used on people or animals throughout your training.

    I first came across these practice sprays from Ramon one of my workmates inside the healthcare facility. He got a 2 oz. fogger practice spray which he told me improved his skills in spraying. He said he didnt need to use the whole thing in order to become proficient.

    Jose one of my very own housemates then showed me his 1/2 oz. stream practice spray that he had bought together with an actual 1/2 oz. pepper spray. He said it would be practical to utilize a practice defense spray first to save the actual self-defense spray for genuine threats.

    I visited retail store downtown which specializes in survival and camping gear. The proprietor suggested the 2 oz. stream practice spray. This particular one appears and also feels just like an actual self-defense spray however is surely less dangerous and less expensive.

    Undoubtedly I am happy that I got to find out about practice sprays. They permit me to study proper pepper spray use without using up a real self-defense spray.

  • Keeping Aggressive Canines Away When On The Street

    I am employed as a cycle courier in Chicago�s northern suburbs ever since 2009. Driving through a street filled with free-roaming canines is certainly not new to me. I often bring stuff in this old lady�s home in Libertyville. Its a good neighborhood however one particular road has many overly infuriated dogs that bark violently and also chase me whenever I pass.

    I could happily say Im one of the fastest couriers this side of town yet I do not like to bet becoming assaulted by a mad dog thus I got myself some dog pepper spray.

    Self-defense sprays are chemical compounds developed to bring about an intense burning feeling upon contact. These cause uncontrollable choking and coughing incapacitating the target for the moment and also enabling the user to run away from the danger.

    Dog sprays are non-fatal personal defense devices. This means they will not cause permanent injury to both dogs and human beings despite the fact that they arent recommended for use on the latter and vice versa.

    These are defense sprays and meant to fend off canines rather than hurt or provoke all of them intentionally. The results are simply temporary and the dog will return to normal as soon as those wear away.

    My immediate manager suggested the Mace Muzzle canine repellent since it is a canine repellant accepted by the EPA. This one is just great for bicycle couriers as well as joggers runners and also almost anyone who encounters dog threats in the streets.

    I really like the size and design. It has a flip-top cover in order to prevent any unintended spraying. This possesses 17 grams of compound and sprays within a range of 8 to 10 feet assuring you a risk-free distance from the upset canine.

    I take mine along with me whenever I ride my own bicycle to deliver items. At present I can take roads even if you can find violent dogs roaming around. This dependable dog pepper spray saved my butt from a rather violent Chow Chow one afternoon.

  • How To Rescue Others In Dangerous Cases

    Stun gadgets used to frighten me. They are non-fatal and leave no irreversible harm but I shuddered at the thought of utilizing one on someone as well as viewing him go into serious shock even if it was to help save my own self. I cringed a lot more at staying in the receiving end of it. Arming my own self with one was farthest from my mind.

    That was right up until I saw a friend Kath save an elderly lady getting pummeled by a crook. Shed utilized an electric baton in order to incapacitate the criminal and this suddenly hit me: this isnt only concerning self-defense. This is likewise about providing assistance to a person that may be in serious danger.

    The bad guys get their own courage from viewing their own victims looking powerless Kath said. However test firing a high voltage stun weapon in front of their faces and watch courage turn to dread the moment they see lightning sparks sizzle and also jump from one prong to a different one.

    Kath had no choice but to shock the thief at that time. He froze shouted in pain and went limp. Electric current leads to a loss of voluntary muscle control. Kath had pulled the woman to safety as the thug swayed in confusion.

    My pal struck him again with her Stun Master 4.5 million volt small stun baton for another second just so hed shed his stability. She likes a stun baton since its span suggests she stays in a safe distance from the enemy.

    A reflex action would be to seize the weapon to be able to stop being hit however Kath explained the target would still become stunned the minute he touches it anywhere from the barrel down. Should he be successful the security wrist strap and pull pin would disable the stun gadget.

    In case the baton stun gun had a built-in LED flashlight Kath stated that could be utilized to disorient the target with the brightness and also supply a better aim.

    We had requested for help. The cops had picked the thief up still confused and recuperating from the results of the electric baton that had defeated him.

  • Being Alone However Secure Inside A Huge Home

    I turned disinterested in my profession in my mid-thirties. I resigned and came home to mama. My baby sister was already living along with her at that point while rearing my nephew by herself. We became one big modern family going back like that to the parents.

    Libby left once more to be able to move closer to her own childs high school. Mommy died two years afterwards. My old home seemed uncomfortably large suddenly. I inquired into home burglar alarms while trying to figure out exactly what to do with the property which had became empty.

    The idea had come from Gemma a relative that had bunked in along with me in order to help prepare moms funeral rites. I had observed her walking around with a 130dB personal alarm system which traveled effectively inside her little sling bags as well as on her belts.

    Apparently a strap linked to the trigger pin is going to let sound loose the minute yanked. Whenever there have been other people over throughout the wake she made use of an attachment to be able to suspend the unit on her bedroom door as an instant door alarm system.

    Cool I figured. As a personal alarm it fended off assailants outdoors. As a home alarm system as well it warded off trespassers. In either case the deafening audio is going to broadcast your own predicament and also requirement for help.

    Libby had her fourteen-year-old keep an electronic pocket/keychain whistle along. The battery-run four-inch-long gizmo crafted from metal suited him a varsity football player however you didnt blow this whistle. You pushed a button to release its 120 dB.

    I opted for a dual purpose 120dB alarm system for beginners. It would ring out immediately as soon as the doorknob where it dangled was so much as touched. If not a burglar alarm I could carry that around as a portable alarm and yank its steel cord the instant I encountered peril.

    My own sibling and I decided to retain the house. Since she lived elsewhere I invited Gemma to stay. The two of us did have a couple of home burglar alarms in order to keep us free from harm and counting.

  • Simple Method Of Learning Some Personal Defense Skills

    The punch of Greta came out of nowhere. It struck the guys chin. For the knockout move her low-line kicks ended the fight in complete silence .

    I was in complete awe as soon as I asked How in the world have you learn to move like a man in a martial arts street fight? Oh I have been seeing numerous self-defense videos lately. my good friend replied.

    Self-defense videos are wonderful budget-friendly alternatives for trying to learn personal protection in comparison with signing up for this sort of training. During the past month Greta mastered how to fight in the confines of her home at her own time and tempo along with a friend or two to be able to keep her company.

    The unique movements of Jim West in his own Fight to Win DVD had kept her on her toes. So far its excellent physical exercise for me as well! she mentioned. Whos this particular Jim West person? I inquired. She answered that hes an instructor for the Elite Navy SEAL that has had lifelong training on the jeet kun do martial arts.

    Right after the police officers had arrested the crook Greta showed me a number of steps that she believed were the nastiest street-fighting techniques any individual would actually require. She stressed my need to have balance and correct posture for rapid body motion just before striking any kind of blows.

    I had to master the 4 principles of punching during the initial couple of days and the means to deter several enemies in order to keep up together with Jim’s combat style. She added Id get a feel afterwards of the exact map of target areas on virtually any enemy I would face.

    Greta showed her special stomp and also low-line kicks she mastered for one week. Both of us rested for a little bit just before she suggested Always picture your own self face to face with an opponent. Give him a single finishing blow and all the commotion ends!

    I got myself the same instructional fighting DVD just before coming back home. Since then I have promised to strive to learn to win in a martial arts street fight for my own personal security.

  • Keeping Your Own Weapon Inside An Accessible And Secure Location

    I have a stun weapon that is non-deadly in the house for defense from assailants. I feel risk-free about having one within the house I share along with a better half as well as three young children. It doesnt mean Im extremely reckless as to leave that lying around within their reach.

    In all honesty I didnt get the self-defense gun I wanted right up until I had discovered a hidden gun safe I could obtain as well. The safe was a much more challenging search. The common safe boxes appeared like a clear invitation to become cracked open and raided.

    Diversion safes called my attention from a couple of Internet sites. These are replicas of commonly seen storage units from soda cans to peanut butter jars however with hidden areas for the safe-keeping of small precious things just like money and jewelry.

    A good number of diversion safes are can safes although not all. Several are camouflaged as hairbrushes lint rollers and even stones. Generally they possess detachable covers as well as bases that provide you intelligent entry to storage.

    Book diversion safes are much more my thing. They are genuine books with actual covers as well as genuine sheets except emptied within the center to leave room for that hidden container. A stun weapon fits beautifully within one as do credit cards or a passport.

    I have a number of book safes dispersed all over the house hiding valuable items under intruders noses. A particular book diversion safe perched over the rack of our floor-to-ceiling library hides my own stun gadget.

    After all one of the most terrible things that can occur to a personal defense device is for a burglar to have that initially as well as start using that against its owner. I mean for my own stun gun to be out of reach of not only my kids but also anyone that could utilize this against all of us.

    In more ways than one my very own hidden gun safe keeps my self-defense gun from falling into the wrong hands. You cant put a price tag on usefulness like that yet this particular one is really affordable.

  • Teaching Your Own Kids Regarding The Value Of Self-Discipline

    I did not let my teenage boy and girl to get out of the house for a few days for returning home well beyond their curfew hour. Both have a group of friends who enjoy to party and hence the reason for their coming back home in the early hours that one particular period.

    To keep them from leaving to go out during the night while likewise instilling discipline within them at their young age I put a home security alarm system within the living area as well as garage both without their knowledge.

    Jonas my next-door neighbor utilizes house alarms in order to inform his own household to trespassers. In my case I utilize a security alarm for that as well as if somebody is intending to leave the house.

    For quit some time Jonas has made use of a wireless security alarm and driveway patrol alarm system. That possesses a PIR wireless sensing unit as well as receiver. Its wire free RF transmission ranges around 400 feet. He stated one day that I must try that too and that got me started.

    Throughout Christmas vacation his family aside from himself had left to go to a few relatives within Mexico. He believed that he needed added protection with him so he placed these kinds of home alarm systems inside the basement along the backdoor 2 inside the living room and another within the garage area.

    A passive infrared system helps to protect each particular location by using motion detection. This is as soon as activity is found inside those limits the alert will be activated and also alert its owner.

    On the 3rd day of being home alone Jonas had woken up in the middle of evening. A PIR sensor must have discovered activity as it had sounded an alarm in chime setting. Hed went to the garage right away and seen 2 children that subsequently went out hurriedly. He was thankful both werent able to grab something.

    The exact same home security alarm system in my house has not been triggered to date. As far as I am concerned this is enough to teach my very own kids that they ought to follow their curfew.

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