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Monthly Archives: June 2013

  • Properly Safeguarding Yourself In Order To Earn Respect From Other Individuals

    When my grandmother fell ill I decided to care for her even though this meant being required to return to the shabby area where I spent my childhood years. She was well loved there due to which she never sensed a necessity to transfer so I told myself it was going to be O.K.

    And it wasnt. After someone pulled a Jackson Pollock on my automobile during my very first day back I desired to get a defense spray. But grandmother cautioned me to have my self defense facts straight too lest I hurt myself with my own protective gadget.

    I always was a sissy little girl lacking talent with working gears as well as coordinating my very own body parts. I didnt belong in this town unlike grandama whos a tough cookie completely and gained respect quickly. At last I needed to deal with this frailty of mine.

    Pepper spray I discovered only then doesnt disable permanently. This will incapacitate its recipient for 15 to 45 minutes. So you have a chance to hotfoot it and also get in touch with 9-1-1. Later the non-lethal effects is going to go away and he will get better.

    How this works is by creating a terrible burning experience in the eyes and on the skin. Also it distresses breathing. Strong defense sprays further start persistent coughing and also retching and fold the eyes by irritating them.

    To be able to get the most from being equipped with a defense spray I got The Facts About Defensive Sprays And How To Use Them To Bring Criminals To Their Knees by Doug Lamb. He is a nationally acknowledged expert in personal defense.

    His 32-page defense spray instructional guidebook concentrates on how to shop for carry around and fire out a pepper spray. This enlightens regarding uses in the home in the midst of guns as well as knives and against numerous opponents in addition.

    The pepper spray pamphlet imparts diverse self defense facts and also related issues like date rape protection. The moment I am done studying anyone who decorated my automobile will discover whos a sissy.

  • Good Manner Of Protection From Being Robbed

    After being robbed four weeks ago I swore to myself that I would not let those terrible robbers come close to me once more. Therefore I bought myself a self defense spray. Before I can use it though I had to study the proper use of pepper spray first.

    Self defense sprays are non deadly weapons meant to sidetrack a wrongdoer momentarily by inflicting an excruciating burning sensation on the sprayed location. While the offender is busy relieving the pain the target could then escape and find aid.

    Luckily you will find practice sprays which can be used by individuals just like me that have no past experience in or sufficient understanding of handling a pepper spray. Water-based inert practice defensive sprays will help you become skilled at using that as they utilize water pressurized with nitrogen rather than real pepper spray.

    But users need to remember not to spray these on anybody even though they have no dangerous ingredients. Keep in mind that the nitrogen component can still cause skin irritation or burning in the event that sprayed into the eyes.

    I first spotted these types of practice defense sprays from one cousin who had let a 2 oz. stream practice spray make him far more adept in pepper spray usage. He boasted that he didnt even have to use up the entire container to become an expert.

    My roommate arrived home one evening having a 1/2 oz. stream practice spray as well as a 1/2 oz. canister of defense spray. She stated the seller insisted that she acquire both goods to make sure that she would not throw away the real defense spray for practice spraying.

    The instant I visited the same store where she ordered her sprays the vendor showed me a two oz. fogger practice spray. It looked as well as felt just like a defense spray however was undoubtedly less dangerous and a lot more simple to use for practice.

    Im really delighted that I came across practice sprays. Now Ill be able to study the proper use of pepper spray in a secure and also cheaper method.

  • Suggestions Concerning How To Enhance Your Own Self Defense Skills

    As a sufferer of random violence I am aware the crooks can beat you to a pulp by using just their own hands as weapons. I promised not to become caught within that situation once again. Worse I might need to save somebody close to me throughout such instances. To do this I had to learn unarmed combat techniques to be able to square it off with the big bad guys.

    My best bet was instructional fighting videos. Im great at DIY and I like to train anytime. Self-defense DVDs are cheaper compared to classes and I can flick through the lessons choosing only those I can become at ease with.

    The Unarmed Combat Course by Frank Cucci was my personal option. Im not in the best of shape and I do not want to commit plenty of time knowing the tricks of the trade. I simply require skills which I can put to use with little thought. In other words I would like a system that was easy to learn but effective.

    Cuccis training contains techniques that you just have to undergo several times but become second nature to you. So the moment its time to react it occurs naturally.

    This specific street-fighting DVD was created so that you would still know how to survive and also win even when wounded worn out caught completely off-guard and with your back literally against the wall. It was what drew me in looking back at my experience.

    Several months later I grabbed some dim sum and walked into a fight. A one-sided one it turns out. It was 3 against one and I suddenly had a deja vu. But instinct took over and I will give credit to Cucci.

    The thugs were shocked when I stepped in and single-handedly disposed of them freeing the victim that was all bloodied. I must say I felt like Superman.

    I noticed one thing concerning unarmed combat techniques: they are not something to brag about. They are only something hidden inside you prepared to come out the moment necessary.

  • Effective Technique Of Safeguarding Yourself Towards Wild Bears

    As a ranger working for one of the biggest national parks within the country Im given the task of protecting as well as preserving the park and its surrounding forest. My job takes me deep into the wilderness in which I inspect and record my findings.

    Throughout my work I usually encounter wild bears looking for food or looking after their young. In most cases they are peaceful however occasionally they may mistake you for a predator and face you. For circumstances just like these I carry a bear repellent.

    Its a self-defense spray similar to pepper spray and works in a similar way but it is intended for use on bears. Its purpose would be to drive the bear away to ensure that you can escape.

    The effects dont cause any permanent harm and wear off in order that the bear can rejoin its population. However it is not safe for use on humans. The usage of bear spray can reduce the chance of permanent injury as well as death among bears and humans alike.

    I come across a number of different species of bears while on patrol so I carry a Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent. Its registered solely with the EPA as a repellent which is effective against all species of bears and is environmentally friendly.

    My patrol routes take me along several of the more popular hiking trails. The bears typically avoid these areas as there is not much food to be found. However in the summertime they are known to roam out onto the trail.

    My fellow rangers and I were trained to keep our distance from bears particularly when being confronted by one. The bear pepper spray that I carry helps me with this as it is effective as much as 20 feet.

    Through the years I have seen a lot of park rangers and hikers saved because of the use of bear repellent spray. I find it to be a very useful device for wildlife professionals and enthusiasts alike.

  • How To Keep Robbers From Targeting Your Home

    Every summer my hubby and I make sure to take the children out on a trip. We feel that it is a great time for us to relax and be together. Sadly the year before we arrived home to a home that had been broken into and many important things taken.

    Since then we have made certain that this does not occur to us once again. We found after stumbling upon a Mace window alert online the real usefulness of home security alarms. Its a shame that we did not think of getting one faster.

    With kids in the home we need to have been more responsible for trying to keep them safe. It was a great thing that none of us were there when the house was robbed. Of course we were not going to take any more chances. Fortifying security inside our abode became a top priority.

    Out of numerous security devices which we bought among my favorites is this 95 dB glass breakage alarm. It can be hooked quickly on any type of window. The alarm is activated if anybody tries to enter through the guarded window.

    As soon as the high-pitched alarm sounds everybody around is going to be notified. Any thief will be crazy not to run away from the scene immediately which is the key reason why I feel sure that this alarm gives watertight security.

    No matter if we are home or not the neighbors would definitely call the authorities to have a look at what is going on at our place. Using an alarming tool is the ideal way to scare off intruders and draw in attention toward you or the designated location.

    Homeowners often remember to reinforce doors but forget about windows. Window alarms are such important defense devices that I recommend one in every single home. We are lucky to have picked one that is easy to use and inexpensive too.

    Finding a Mace window alert gave my spouse and I helpful insight into the importance of home security. There is absolutely no way we are going to let any individual hurt our family or rob our home once again.

  • Coaching My Students How To Fight Back

    I have been helping orphans as well as victims of abuse for several years now. Besides being able to let them learn how to forgive and forget the pain that theyve suffered I am also able to coach them on self-defense using what I personally learned from a Vladimir Vasiliev instructional video.

    Considering that I work with a charitable organization learning materials are normally donated to us. Budget is a huge word in institutions that depend only on charity. I knew I would have to educate the kids how to shield themselves and the answer was to study from instructional fighting videos by myself.

    Personal defense DVDs are actually helpful when you have seen them. My own shows you how to punch that is I believe the initial step in protecting yourself. It can further point you to where to hold your opponent so you can put him down.

    Another edge is that this can show you how you can make use of your tummy to deflect strikes which the aggressor may use to hurt you. Even if you have a huge stomach this move will practically shield you from harm.

    So the video which I obtained was Vasilievs Russian System. His own techniques mean serious business. When you got to learn this Im sure youd be able to knock anyone down even if he or she was larger compared to you.

    He even teaches you how to make use of your own teeth and bite the opponent at pressure points that will leave him powerless giving you ample time to get away from him and look for assistance.

    It is really crucial to me that the children I spend hours to assist learn how to shield themselves. Street-fighting videos do not even cost a lot and are really worth much more whenever I use them for the safety of the kids under our organizations care.

    If Vladimir Vasiliev was able to teach me then I understand the kids will learn from him also.

  • A Modern Womans Option Of Self-Defense Weapon

    Being a modern female entails numerous things. Other than managing your own finances career as well as future you will also need to look at some type of security for yourself. While an independent woman is vulnerable to assaults and also criminal offenses she has the capacity to control just about any situation.

    When a mugger cornered you in an alley and threatened you with violence you would have the way to break free this situation. When you purchase stun knuckles the strength and also control moves back to you.

    A knuckle stun gun has the power to disable any person. It administers electric shocks to a targets body whenever the device comes in contact with it. A very simple touch or graze is sufficient to bring an attacker to his knees.

    You would have enough time to run away or seek for help soon after the mugger falls down. He would be unable to move or attack when the shocks enter his body. Even though the effects are momentary the window of time is sufficient for you to secure your safety.

    One more excellent thing regarding stun knuckles is that they are non-lethal. You wouldnt need to bother about killing anybody or harming them forever.

    Stun knuckles can be purchased as high voltage stun guns. This means that they launch a lot of electricity all at once. Utilizing a knuckle stun gun would be like punching your attacker with the strength of many men. Your own size as well as power wouldnt be an issue to its effectiveness.

    A high voltage stun gun is quick acting as well as effective. It would take less shots for it to accomplish its work when compared with lower voltage ones. One impact will be equal to a handful of shots coming from a low voltage stun gun.

    Having your own set of stun knuckles would be similar to having your own personal bodyguard continuing to keep you secure 24/7. You wouldnt need to be scared of being on your own or of traveling alone.

  • How To Safekeep Important Things Within A Small Home

    Leaving my parents house to live alone in a New York apartment was among the biggest milestones to adulthood which I made just before I turned twenty-five. The comforts of home were lacking however the challenges of being able to live independently in the Big Apple were enough to keep me going.

    Upon my arrival at my very first studio I recognized promptly that I should be wise in saving space and securing my belongings. For safekeeping reasons I made a decision to buy storage safes to safeguard my important belongings.

    Keeping cash as well as jewelry secure is an important thing to give attention to. Considering that buying a security vault seemed unwise particularly because of its size and also price I wound up using various diversion safes spread throughout the house to keep my small fortune secure.

    To safeguard documents such as my passport and identification cards I made a decision to place them within a hollowed book safe that blended flawlessly with my overhead bookshelf.

    I used a flowerpot safe to secure my jewelry and accessories such as my wristwatches and a little lockbox for my rings. I planned on keeping the plant alive so that my hiding safe appeared more convincing.

    Besides those two diversion safes the coolest one that I have at home would be the bathroom cleaner safe that I put alongside the toilet brushes underneath the sink. Yes the idea may seem gross however it is the most secure place for me to hide rolled-up bills that I can make use of for emergency situations.

    The covert safes which I make use of are unconventional but they promise good results given that most burglars would take a look at drawers and closets directly for the important things. When I think of it would burglars even bother checking the bathroom cleaners that I utilize? I dont think so.

    My storage safes are simply some of the quirkiest and most interesting belongings that I have. It is just that I prefer to keep them a secret.

  • Helpful Technique Of Protection For Families Who Love To Travel

    We are a household that enjoys to travel. We all use up the weekends outside the house to go swimming hiking or camping. If not that we would be off to perhaps Columbia or Nashville to pop in on either my parents or my parents-in-law residing in Tennessee.

    Being on the road subjects us to certain threats. When it is not only you in danger but also your loved ones a better half and toddlers the cost is very high. If personal protection is crucial to any adventurous soul then what is Mace to an entire family of adventurers?

    Jeannie as well as I feel our toddlers are secure around defense spray because it is non fatal. Its effects stay for fifteen to forty five minutes an opportunity for you to get away and dial 9-1-1. The target pulls through without enduring long-term impairment so it is safe even for your opponent.

    How this happens is it instigates an acute burning experience on the skin and also inside the eyes. Furthermore potent self defense sprays aggravate the eyes into closing hamper breathing and also force relentless coughing and also gagging.

    My spouse and also I find that 10 percent defense spray is much more suitable for family use compared to stronger version 18 percent pepper spray. The former is authorized all around the U.S. a major travel consideration as well as usually available with a lot of providers.

    We stash a Mace 10% PepperGard police model defense spray in the automobile. Sized after the police pepper sprays it has ten one-second bursts in a 17-gram cylinder that covers eight to twelve feet. The very same goes with our other key chain defense spray.

    This 10% PepperGard personal self defense spray I bring every time we are out and about is equipped with a Velcro-type accessory flip-top safety cover finger grip dispenser and also keychain exactly like our law enforcement defense spray plus a belt clip.

    Just what is Mace going to do to assist a group of people being assaulted while in transit? A teeny-tiny container alone offers a lot of defense. How friendly pepper sprays appear like is complete opposite precisely how un-friendly they get against bad guys.

  • A Reliable Tool For A Law Enforcer Just Like Me

    Being a policeman serving on our local Drug Enforcement Task Force I have access to a number of tools that help me do my job. The job involved is just as much physical as it is mental so we use everything from big guns to computers.

    However despite all the high-tech instruments that I utilize one of the most helpful pieces of equipment that I possess in my opinion is a 9 LED flashlight with metal body. It is an ordinary but really high-quality flashlight.

    Now you may have a good laugh at the idea that a flashlight is more useful compared to a firearm but remember that our duty is to investigate not fight. Oftentimes we are called to respond to and investigate reports of drug-related violence in numerous places throughout the city.

    We are called to all types of places from dark alleys in the middle of the city to empty structures with no electrical service in the slums. A hardworking flashlight allows us to navigate these surroundings with few problems.

    Obviously we can just use night vision goggles instead but this is not effective for a number of reasons. First night vision goggles are costly and the department simply doesnt have the funds to allocate one for each of us.

    Second only the SWAT team needs to bring them and even then it is because their job is to defuse highly critical situations and apprehend dangerous criminals. Thus they would require both hands free to operate their weapons.

    The flashlights which we use are high-quality flashlights made for rough environments. They run making use of LED lights instead of light bulbs. This means that they shine brighter and take much less power increasing the life of the batteries.

    A 9 LED flashlight with metal body is ideal for more than just police work. It can be utilized in any situation from power outages as well as emergency car repair to simpler things like night hiking as well as hide and seek.

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