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Monthly Archives: November 2012

  • Situations Not Needing A Watchdog For Security Today

    Dogs are absolutely mans best pals. But with regards to your safety they might not always be reliable. Today when putting your safety at risk is not an option you must find a good means to stay unscathed during any kind of assault.

    In case you were seeking for a watchdog as your protector then you would wish to take a look at a good guard dog stun gun. It can be a multi functional tool that provides a lot more and is certain to keep you secure.

    A stun gun is a self-defense tool which gives off electrical power to the body of the target if immediate contact is done. The electric shock which was discharged will immobilize the opponent for several minutes and offer you a chance to find help.

    The best guard dog stun gun can do much better as compared to stun alone. These can come constructed with flashlights as well as alarms that will help illuminate your way during dark help you safeguard yourself and help you notify others whenever you are in danger.

    A flashlight stun gun with alarm for example would make the most perfect guard dog stun gun. This powerful unit can give off a high voltage electric shock and also give a bright light and be equipped with an alarming feature also.

    You might even run into smaller designs of a flashlight stun gun with alarm that should be convenient to carry along inside your bag. Although these are significantly smaller and might not offer the same amount of voltage one is all that you certainly need to have to stay protected.

    There is no need for you to worry about providing lasting injury to any individual considering that all stun guns are non deadly weapons. Any effects are just momentary and meant to disable an assailant for a number of minutes.

    Having a guard dog stun gun you do not need to have an actual watchdog around. But just before opting to make a purchase it is better to look for any limitations in your area of residence.

  • Ideal Strategy To Secure Possessions Covertly While You Are Out

    In my search for the best diversion safes on the market I stumbled upon a jar of peanut butter which the store clerk explained to me would make a good hiding spot for my possessions. I did not believe it in the beginning but after close check up of the item I was happy observe that I can indeed keep small important stuff within.

    I put it to the test once. My requirement for a covert hiding spot came to exist when I couldnt find the 2 pairs of earrings which my mother gave as well as the ring which I obtained from my partner for Christmas.

    I did not wish to think my roommate whom I have been living with for more than a year. It had to be another person. My guess was that it was her friend that was constantly coming over to our place.

    There was truly no basis to place the blame on her mainly because I would find my things still in place the moment I came home from work. Either I was very careless with my things by leaving them lying around or the burglar simply did a really good job.

    I went for a canister of brush-free toilet bowl cleaner. Right after placing whatever was left of my jewelry inside I put it alongside an all-purpose cleaner covert safe and also among other cleaning agents inside my room.

    I figured that she would not believe them of being hiding places due to my reputation for wanting a clutter-free and spic-and-span house. Given that I frequently left cash in the house I piled them nicely inside a hair brush hiding safe and place this on my dresser.

    As soon as I came home once my roommates pal was there. She was looking a bit guilty as well as almost nervous to determine exactly where I keep my stuff today.

    It was a small victory on my part. Right now I cant wait around to try several of the best diversion safes which I came across inside the store and use them to my advantage.

  • Tips On How To Protect Your House When You Are Out

    I have seen more than enough action movies to choose finally on acquiring one of the many house alarms available. You cant ever be safe enough right now.

    The typical wireless security systems sound an alarm and broadcast signals towards the base system whenever a motion detector or window/door sensor is activated. The base device contacts a list of telephone numbers and whoever answers hears a prerecorded alert message. If there is no answer the subsequent listed phone number will be called and so forth until the system is disarmed.

    I had my eyes set on the HomeSafe wireless home security system. It is inexpensive protection for the office or house and a simple gadget to run. It allows you to pre-programmed 5 telephone numbers to alert you that the alarm system has been triggered.

    The wireless transmission can reach approximately 250 feet from each window or door. The home alarm system is also furnished with a remote control with a panic feature with which you could arm or disarm the system even if you are not in the house.

    The security alarm is going to be set off as soon as the door or window has been opened up. One requirement for this is a landline that has tone dialing. It is a smart way of informing you that your household has been broken into so you could contact help immediately.

    As soon as I installed my home defense system easily I told my family with certainty that we would be going fishing for 2 days. I even asked them to leave their video games iPods as well as iPads behind for the nature getaway.

    The second we arrived at the lake the base unit contacted me letting me know that our home was trespassed. After listening in on the house via the base unit I called 911 right away. I then told my family that we needed to cut the fishing trip short and reschedule it instead.

    We arrived the house late that afternoon. The cops informed us that two men were arrested for getting into our home. If not for house alarms like what I got we would have lost a lot that time.

  • Why Martial Arts Can Be Simple To Learn

    Around 4 months back I had wrongly recognized a guy for a buddy of mine and approached him in back of a convenience store. It discovered he was a red-eyed crackhead. Several seconds later he had me pinned to the wall with a knife on my throat.

    Luckily for me the grocer (his name was Dave) was taking out the trash and noticed me. He was only a tiny little guy but he got my attackers attention. The crackhead rushed forward to Dave. I am not aware that Dave was learning how to fight and easily took the guy down.

    Dave is quite an unassuming person. Normally quiet courteous. I am a regular customer at his store. I commonly purchase instant coffee as well as cigarettes to be able to keep me awake every time I write. That event got me to know him slightly better.

    He invited me over the weekend and as soon as I arrived at his place he showed me his collection of martial arts DVDs. It was so handy he said. There was no reason to go to the gym or anything. He can practice whenever wherever and with whomever he wished to.

    I would surely agree with that. Instructional fighting DVDs were significantly low cost also given that you did not have to spend on membership dues.

    Thus he let me borrow three self-defense videos which he swore had been most beneficial for him. The first one was Small Mans Advantage from Bob Taylor. With Daves height at only around 53 I can understand that. I remember the crackhead was about 12 inches higher as compared to him.

    The second was Fight to Win. The thing I like about this is the teaching style of Jim West. It gets you truly motivated to learn. The 3rd street-fighting DVD was the Unarmed Combat Course by Frank Cucci. The material there was lethal swift as well as just as simple to remember.

    If I knew that learning how to fight would be this easy I would have done it before.

  • Using The Suitable Tools To Be Able To Protect Yourself From Threat

    I have been in constant search of the most appropriate personal defense tool for my little girl that will be attending college. I wish to give her a thing that she could readily use and carry around handily anywhere she goes and would keep her secure always.

    My sister-in-law suggests that I consider defense spray. She assures me that this is among the best out there for personal defense however it is still a mystery to me. What is Mace really for? What differentiates it from other defense spray manufacturers?

    I need to be really sure regarding defense sprays just before I buy one for my child. Her security is on the line here. I cant risk harming her simply because I did not do my research.

    Well I have gone on the web and researched self defense sprays up. I have found out that these leave an excruciating burning feeling anywhere they were aimed at typically in the eyes and on the skin. Consequently the wrongdoer will get preoccupied by the pain enabling the victim to escape for safety.

    I also know about small defense sprays. Being compact and also light in weight they can fit inside my daughters smallest purse. Plus she can hide one readily in her hand and spray her assailant at a moments notice.

    While researching the Mace 10% PepperGard Leather Plus pepper spray significantly got my interest. It is small possessing 15 grams of defense spray which could reach approximately 10 feet. It could go on for up to five one-second bursts. Its safety cap glows in the dark making it simpler to unlock and use even during the night.

    I think that my daughter will love this one as she could hide it readily within her pocket. It will be simple for her to use and fits her small hands perfectly.

    While I would like to buy her this particular small self defense spray before she goes to college what is Mace really good for as a personal defense tool? I suppose that I need to research a lot more in order to find out.

  • The Usefulness Of Possessing A Multipurpose Self-Defense Weapon

    When things are hectic at the office and you often finish up late you most likely always have to fetch your automobile in a dimly lit parking area. Furthermore you might have to do your errands late at night.

    When you fear for your security owning a stun flashlight will relieve your nerves a great deal. This stun gun works simply like virtually any regular stun gun but with the additional feature of a light.

    Why depend on an ordinary flashlight to light your way when you can actually have a flashlight stun gun? Not only would it give you illumination but also safeguard you from threat. If there is no need yet to electrically shock another person the blinding light from the stun flashlight can be your first line of protection.

    Among the most useful features of a stun flashlight is its ability to give off a bright light that should be strong enough to momentarily blind an attacker. If that isnt enough to deter an attack you can always utilize the stun guns powerful voltage to stop an assailant. A flashlight stun gun could be a low voltage or high voltage stun gun.

    Flashlight stun guns may come at 8 inches to 16.5 inches long. Many are made from fiberglass-reinforced plastic to make them lightweight and also handy. The length can be an edge since you can distance yourself from an enemy and still make a reliable shot.

    A stun flashlight is a non deadly gun. It isnt intended to bring long term harm to an attacker. When touched by one someone may feel a momentary mental as well as physical imbalance. He would be unable to move for 15 to 45 minutes that is sufficient time for you to run away danger.

    Several flashlight stun guns are also armed with an alarm. When youre placed in a damaging circumstance you could initialize the alarm to alert the people close by. In the process you might also be able to frighten the bad guy off.

  • Effective Manner Of Enhancing The Security Of Your Home

    Electronic Barking Dog Alarm

    My folks were unfortunate to become victims of a burglary. They went out for a vacation one weekend and hired a sitter to take care of their home. The moment they returned the sitter informed them somebody broke into the house during the night when she was sound asleep.

    Although the caretaker was relieved to not have been harm she felt depressed for my mother and father for all the things which they lost. Due to the incident my parents resolved to install home security essentials all through the house.

    They considered home alarms immediately that emit a loud sound to inform the property owner that a burglar is trying to enter the house. Home safety alarms would be ideal to be able to stop those intruders from returning and stealing a lot more from my folks.

    I came along with my folks in order to assist them in selecting a burglar alarm. They wound up acquiring the Electronic Secure Dog barking dog alarm. This emits the sound of an angry barking dog every time it senses a trespasser.

    Its radar can be tweaked easily from 10 to 20 feet and can detect trespassers from the sides as well as rear. Its volume can be adjusted so my folks can turn the volume to the highest level during the night to make sure that the alarm is going to wake them up.

    The electronic watch dog offers 24-hour protection when plugged in by sensing through solid walls doors as well as glass. With it set up in their house my mother and father could have a peaceful as well as stress-free weekend getaway next time.

    This dog barking alarm was put to the test one evening when my folks went off to have dinner with old buddies. They ensured that the alarm system was plugged in and set the volume to the highest level. When they returned home late they found out that one of their neighbors had left a message saying their dog had been continuously barking.

    They realized then that someone might have been lurking outside the house and seeking to get inside their house past the dog. And they were truly relieved to have considered home security essentials in that time.

    [xyz-ihs snippet="HomeProtection1"]
  • Ideas Regarding How To Keep Your Business From Being Robbed

    My own jewelry store is located in the business district. Believing that no one would care to rob a shop in such a busy part of town I hired 2 security guards only for my store as well as armed them with a pistol each. On the later part of last year however a bank 3 blocks away from my store was robbed.

    That event got me thinking of whether or not I was placing my workers lives as well as my own business at risk by not providing ample security. Thus I acquired a monitoring camera online a few months ago and I began thinking of purchasing one of those Garrett hand-held metal detectors from a reliable metal detector store within another area of town.

    After much deliberation on precisely what security metal detector to acquire I finally purchased two one for each of the guards.

    A metal detector is a gadget which detects metal items just like knives blades as well as even medium-sized firearms coming from a range of under a foot. It could also discover foil-wrapped drugs.

    The thing I bought was the Superwand. It employs digital microprocessor technology so that it no more requires the user to check the detectors sensitivity adjustments frequently given that the device itself is self-calibrating. It either gives off an audible alarm or vibrates to let the user know that another person possesses a dangerous weapon.

    This lightweight ultra sensitive metal detector is grip-friendly as it can fit in almost any hand size. Thus whether your security guard is pint-sized or possesses a wrestlers build he or she will still feel comfortable holding the metal detector.

    The moment the hand-held metal detectors were delivered to my store I gave those to the security guards straight away and oriented them on exactly what to do should they through the gadgets detect a dangerous object.

    Thanks to the services of a security metal detector store in town I currently have two great-quality metal detectors inside my shop. Right now I feel calmer that my staff and business are secure.

  • The Most Effective Way To Defend Yourself In A New Territory These Days

    The landscape of Texas along with its prairie glory made us choose to reside in this southern state. It did not take very long for us to find a house here since there is a lot of real estate property available on the market. As Texas appeals to families just like ours it also brings in a large number of businesses that boost its strong economy.

    Just like any other progressive state however Texas draws in lawlessness. Simply because law enforcers are not constantly around to provide help its government has enacted Texas stun gun laws that allow its citizens to bring these self-defense tools to protect themselves.

    All stun guns are non deadly and deliver simply brief incapacitation. They disable a targets body for a few moments which is enough time for you to break free.

    Therefore we welcome these Texas stun gun laws as a move towards keeping society safe. This comes as a welcome progress for my family members. In the state of New Jersey in which we came from the utilization of stun gun is not allowed. We had to rely on our presence of mind and pray that somebody help us whenever we found ourselves in trouble.

    My family was pleased to make the right choice. Had we picked Illinois or Michigan we would have found ourselves with the very same constraints on the usage of stun weapons.

    Texas stun gun laws give a sense of personal security. As newcomers to this area we cannot help but feel susceptible. For instance when you walk alone in downtown Austin youre rarely able to discern a friendly face from one that has bad goals.

    Carrying a stun gun is exactly how we get by. Everybody was an unknown person to us so we needed to be cautious at all times. It may take some time before we feel far more comfortable with our environment but we do not see ourselves moving to a different area in the near future.

    Texas stun gun laws give a great advantage to the residents. You obtain protection 24/7 which no law enforcement can ever give.

  • Suitable Device To Utilize To Avoid Getting Robbed

    I was extremely excited to be able to get away on a travel out of the country along with friends of mine. But after I was mugged while walking on the street during our vacation it became hard for me to carry on and enjoy. All my pocket cash had been taken and it was really an awful feeling.

    After what I went through one thing I understood for certain was I did not desire to go through that anymore. I explored the internet for solutions and discovered that one was to obtain a personal protection alarm to carry around.

    I discovered that personal security alarms are used in an emergency situation to be able to grab the attention of bystanders. These produce a loud siren which has the cabability to stop an opponent.

    I ran across a mini personal alarm with keychain and also belt clip that I sensed would be perfect. Its sleek and also compact design fits easily into a pocket or purse or it can be attached onto a belt.

    It is very convenient that the portable alarm can be attached to a key chain. By doing this I can combine it with my home keys and always bring it along with me each time I leave home.

    This particular travel alarm releases an ear-piercing 101dB alarm whenever turned on enough to discourage your aggressor and send him running away. It may be deactivated just as quickly by pressing a button.

    During my next travel abroad together with my loved ones I felt newfound confidence with my personal safety alarm. I didnt believe that I would be robbed again so soon but to my surprise another person did make an effort to grab my purse. With just a single click on the alarming gadget I deterred the robber due to its earsplitting sound.

    My key-chained personal protection alarm makes me feel more secure every time I am strolling on the streets familiar ones and not. I can attest that such an alarm is a wonderful partner regardless of where you decide to go.

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