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Monthly Archives: October 2012

  • Effective Means Of Keeping The Web Secure For Kids

    Being a mother of a 10 year old and a seven-year-old I am somewhat concerned with how they access the family PC. I was suggested to obtain Internet safety software which could help me on that part.

    I discovered child-safe Web browsers that were designed specifically for kids. The common fun as well as colorful user interface is made to be interactive as well as kid-friendly. They generally work on any of Mac as well as Windows personal computers. These types of Web browsers for kids have a simple and easy navigation menu which enables the kids to navigate with little guidance from their parents.

    The KIDS netSafe Web browser that I picked has a pop-up as well as adult content blocker which keeps the children from being able to access undesirable Web sites. It offers pre-loaded Barbie Nickelodeon and PBS Kids sites also. With this particular browser the parents can acquire a seven-day history of the frequented Web sites at any moment. The parents could even remove the address bar in order that the kids cannot visit more websites.

    Before I bought my safe Web browser for kids I was shocked to find many Web sites that were not fit for minors in the family computers browser history. The finding alarmed me so I went on buying the child-safe Web browser that I found the other day.

    I informed my children that they were not permitted to get into websites that were not suitable for their age. I likewise told them that if they wished to conduct some additional research on the web they need to ask for my assistance.

    Peer pressure is often the reason that kids make an effort to browse through restricted websites today. And I feel my children are going through that period.

    One day I had to make a grocery run. I left my hubby in the garage and the children in front of the PC. I changed the parent password before they could access the internet.

    When I arrived home somehow I felt more secure. It feels better to realize that Internet safety software can help you become a much more responsible and caring parent.

  • Benefits Associated With Using Small Stun Guns

    Several of the littlest stun guns that you could get in the market nowadays are personal stun guns. They carry the objective of virtually any regular stun gun which would be to secure somebody from any wrongdoer by the initiation of shock and paralysis into that individuals body.

    Obviously small stun guns are much more compact compared to the normal ones although the level of their result is at par with normal stun guns.

    Rechargeable Runt Stun Gun 4.5 Million VoltsGiven that personal stun guns needs to be handy and also light in weight they are a lot more likely placed inside the bag or pocket. Whenever covering a mini stun gun what some people do is to keep it within their hand. Just how it completely fits in there without being noticed is not a secret however it would still be an appealing magic trick to see.

    Putting small stun guns in uncommon areas of your body could definitely be a good idea. In the event you come into an unexpected attack from an opponent you can always access your stun gun fast without making him be aware that you already got the weapon which will make him freeze for a couple of minutes.

    When you are thinking about personal stun guns that are small but nonetheless effective a Runt stun gun might be the appropriate weapon of choice. The truth is it can easily fit in your hands perfectly and nobody will really know precisely what is in there right up until they finally feel its effects.

    Thinking about the size of a small stun gun no one will actually expect that it is capable of exerting a power output that could vary from 2.5 up to 4.5 million volts. Now that would really result in some damage.

    Also you dont have to get worried with regards to the batteries since most tiny stun guns from dealers include at least a couple of free batteries.

    Now personal stun guns should be really meant for your personal use in a sense that you would be able to bring one anywhere you go for one thing: protection. To that end all stun guns are non fatal products and would not trigger lasting damage.

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  • Hide Your Valuable Items Without Truly Hiding Them

    You cant ever be too sure concerning the security of your property particularly when you head out. Based on some statistics a burglary takes place anywhere throughout the United States every 14.6 seconds.

    Burglars generally enter houses in the daytime commonly between 6 a.m. as well as 6 p.m. These are the hours when the residents of the property are most likely not home due to work. In the event that no one stays at your house during these time then you need to find creative approaches to conceal your stash in the event that thieves enter.

    Research has shown that criminals spend about 8 minutes within a house and leave as quickly as they can to lessen the chance of being captured. They spend those few valuable minutes getting anything of value that they could come across - jewelry expensive watches cash hidden in drawers and others.

    If you want to safeguard your belongings the worst thing that you can do would be to keep them in a small cash box or perhaps a jewelry box. Whenever thieves get into your home they will know precisely what to get. Cash boxes and jewelry boxes are usually very easy to pick or break which is precisely why their locks do not bother burglars.

    Therefore precisely how do you conceal your valuables? Simple: keep them in diversion safes. A diversion safe is a container camouflaged as a thing that people ordinarily locate in the home. You can hide your money jewelry along with other possessions in this hidden safe.

    Diversion safes adopt a lot of forms like a dried soup jar a can of fruit cocktail or possibly a tall container of chips. Looking like typical food containers these types of secret safes could easily blend in with the other products which you keep say in your cupboard.

    Although they have an empty middle these kinds of disguised safes are built to weigh like unopened storage containers to give the sense that theyre full.

    With diversion safes you can conceal your stash in the most secure places in your home: right where thieves can see them but wouldnt bother looking.

  • Keeping Your Home Protected Utilizing A Cheap Home Security System

    Early this year I was nervous regarding leaving the house to visit Cape Cod for a trip however my hubby assured me that he was considering purchasing an alarm system for our brand new house. We had already invested a lot of money in the house to leave it unattended for long.

    Instead of being convinced I got much more concerned about the price. Traditional security companies normally ask you to acquire a subscription which could cost big money a year plus of course they have to install cables all over the place.

    I take care of the payments that our workplace here in Missouri provides the security company every month so I know. Thankfully my husband discovered a cheaper alternative. It works pretty much the same way as a conventional security system but minus the subscription as well as the cables.

    The HomeSafe wireless home security system is much like other such security systems in that the base unit signals an alarm and calls a telephone number to inform that activity has been discovered or that a door or window has been opened.

    You can program up to 5 telephone numbers which the machine will call in succession if the previous telephone number doesnt respond. The individual answering can decide to listen in broadcast their voice from a speaker in the base unit or disarm the alarm.

    Thus in our case we programmed our telephone numbers first two of our most trusted neighbors phone numbers and finally the police.

    I also love that this particular home defense system was extremely easy to install. Seriously. No drilling no wiring. I fully plan to offer one to my sister who resides in an apartment in Hampshire in case she does not already have one set up.

    Heading on a family trip shouldnt make you a nervous wreck over the precious property you are leaving behind a while. Using this wireless alarm system set up at our property I am certainly going to enjoy our much needed getaway at Cape Cod.

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  • Tips On Precisely How Not To Become Subjects Of Campus Crimes

    I was the rich child during high school and drove noticeably expensive wheels. I might have been picked on for that were it not that my father was a lawyer. A schoolmate who dared rough me up got slapped with a temporary restraining order as ridiculous as that seems.

    Not one of this mattered while attending college. Robbers more than punks ogled my own Porsche the kind that would not heckle but possibly kill for it. I wised up and obtained me some Mace pepper gel for self-defense as being rich didnt make me safe from being robbed.

    My last pre-college girlfriend owned self defense spray. She said that it generates a harsh burning experience to the skin and also the eyes to disable the receiver. Strong pepper sprays further restrict breathing force the eyes to fold as well as trigger stubborn coughing and retching.

    The results are momentary as well as cause no lasting impairment. Youve got enough time to take off and speed-dial for assistance while these weaken in 15 to 45 minutes. They are non-lethal.

    Garden-variety self defense sprays in liquid didnt cut it for me though ones settled into gel did. These gel pepper sprays cling just like adhesive to the skin and soak through more with any try by whoever was hit to rub them off.

    Moreover I read that self defense spray gel consists of a more potent solution that can reach greater distances. Being less contaminating and not flammable also they are practical to utilize indoors. Given that gel adheres there is no chance of overspray.

    The Mace Magnum Model pepper gel which I bring is 79 grams chock-full of scorching-hot self-defense in 13 one-second bursts effective through 18 feet. Furthermore it is fitted with a flip-top safety cover to prevent unintended discharge.

    I think that any person regardless of whether wealthy or poor can be a victim of crime. With my Mace pepper gel for protection I dont have to be a willing target. I mean I was born wealthy however this does not mean that I am lazy.

  • Effective Means Of Defending Yourself If Expecting Danger

    Compared with my colleagues many of them instructors and researchers I wound up doing work for a group of detectives. It seems like no biggie other than Im an entomologist by profession. I may be considered a geek however I am a sleuths geek and even my lab work is action-packed.

    My fieldwork as you can imagine takes place not in forest reserves however in crime scenes and also suspect trails. I dont go in unarmed though. My boss has given a great deal of street fighting tips on me as well as the telescopic steel baton to go with the advice.

    He had explained to me carefully exactly how self-defense batons can keep distance between the aggressor and you. If you are not conventionally strong or not precisely strapping something longish but still convenient to use similar to this is the one you need.

    The thing he got me was an expandable baton in particular. A level contraption that protracts and retracts on command is absolutely no doubt an ideal self-defense tool for somebody just like me.

    I think that an extendable baton can afford to become longer given that its peak length need not burden the user with carrying something heavy. Once you meet danger though maximum elongations of 16 21 and also 26 inches on them are to be thankful for.

    On the other hand these collapsible batons can afford to become shorter without burdening a user with getting too close to the enemy just to retaliate. With a short move of the wrist youve got a gadget which is handy enough to keep and transport.

    Aside from a tough steel construction my own telescopic baton is equipped with a rubber grip which allows for stable maneuvering. I received it with a free heavy-duty nylon holster for keeping it on my person without problem.

    While I have yet to put this tactical baton to use as much as the street fighting tips Im just too happy to have it each and every time I follow a detective to wherever the action is.

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  • Effective Method For University Students To Defend Against Possible Danger

    Living faraway from my parents has been quite challenging for me and for my mother and dad too. Im a sophomore college student residing in a dorm and two years of being away from my loved ones has been nothing but a challenge. I have needed to look after my own and learn how to be independent.

    On my parents part they have always been worried for my safety just like me getting home from school in the evening or doing projects until way late at friends houses. Thus as a safety precaution mom and dad recommended I acquire a personal alarm system to make certain that I continue to be safe even on my own.

    Personal alarms are helpful as well as practical for scaring criminal offenders away as they attract attention towards you and place you in the spotlight so that other people know what is going on. Besides a personal alarm is a non-lethal form of personal protection getting you the assistance you need without causing harm to other individuals.

    A great example is the mini personal alarm with key chain and belt clip that I ended up buying. It is sleek as well as small which makes it easy to carry around.

    Even though small in size this kind of personal safety alarm can produce 101 dB of sound which will call the interest of people within a 100-meter radius.

    My mini alarm isnt any hassle to switch on and deactivate with just one click of a button. Portable alarm systems like these are convenient for students just like me to bring around as they can fit easily in a pocket or purse.

    In addition personal security alarms are affordable that makes them smart purchases for young adults like myself. They are cheaper as well as much more practical when compared with many other safe self-defense weapons.

    With a personal alarm system concealed somewhere within my bag or pocket I dont have to worry about a wrongdoer assaulting me. More importantly this provides my parents peace of mind as well as assurance that I am protected even though Im not with them.

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  • How High-Profile Executives Can Fend Off Opponents

    I obtained my big break when I was hired as number two within a neighborhood hotels security detail. The trouble was that the owners little girl ran the place. She as well as I have intense history from high school that concluded with me being the one going away.

    Now then I cant have the lady boss acquire so much as a scratch and never have it weigh on me some more. Thus in spite of being armed myself I made her check into cell phone stun guns for one which she wouldnt mind going around with always.

    She was familiar with stun guns. These engender a sudden discharge of electricity straight into the body while in contact. As a result the receiver becomes unable to move his muscles as well as continue to be balanced and also could tumble over suddenly.

    The results are momentary lingering just right up until twenty to forty minutes. These are non-lethal and trigger no irreversible injury. Her task is to escape as well as look for help before time is up.

    I convinced her to zoom in on disguised stun weapons specifically. Her foes are aware that she has guards all over although not that she keeps a weapon as well. They could strike the wrong way and that offers us an opportunity to fight back.

    Because it masquerades as some hapless camera phone her 4.5 million volt Pretender cell phone stun gun stays under the radar. It is equipped with a very bright 12 LED light for nighttime effectiveness. Only she and also I know about this.

    Certainly I stress that it is a high voltage stun gun and she is not to go around shocking people with millions of debilitating electrical current. When that becomes necessary though she can make it count and make it hurt.

    Somewhere between checking cell phone stun guns out on the web my employer-slash-ex-fling and I did also try to settle our issues in the past. With the personal defense device that I got her I would not wish to be one of her foes.

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  • Learning Personal Protection Tactics To Safeguard Oneself

    I was robbed last month. The memory of getting held at gunpoint the feel of the cold metal of gun on my temple continually provide me nightmares. However I am aware that life goes on. To be able to defend myself should I ever be assaulted once again I started looking for a self-defense class near my residence.

    The moment I told my roomie regarding my plan she proposed that I search for Vladimir Vasiliev on the internet. Apparently just before she moved to the Big Apple to get a job she as well as her siblings had all viewed a self-defense video of Vasiliev.

    I checked the name on the web. I have always had an interest with Russian spies as well as wondered if Vasiliev used to be one.

    Russian Fighting System DVD - Vladimir Vasiliev Russian Fighting System DVD - Vladimir Vasiliev

    Russian agents were trained in espionage and also fighting. Their representation in U.S. media as experienced fighters is unquestionable considering that their capabilities are indeed superior.

    Without hesitation I got myself Vasilievs Russian System. This particular instructional fighting video illustrates how to hit your opponent without even forming a fist. It likewise shows how to utilize your knees in order to disarm an attacker.

    The self-defense DVD also features a number of Russian moves. One tactic I like particularly is the Trinity Shot which uses quick hand and foot actions in order to defeat an opponent. At first it appeared somewhat hard to perform thus I was pleasantly stunned to find out that it was truly simple to perform and that this was adaptable to no matter what fitness level you had.

    Soon after only a 7 days of viewing the street-fighting DVD I changed my mind about registering in a martial arts course. I was already fairly confident about my personal defense tactics and how to carry out them properly.

    Vladimir Vasiliev definitely knows his stuff and proved to me yet again why Russians know how to take on their fights. If I am ever be attacked once more I now know that I have a fighting chance.

  • Do Not Let Exhaustion Cause You Some Trouble

    The moment his day at work is done my sweetheart still needs to make the trip towards the hospital to look after his invalid elderly brother. After all those he makes time to see me either really late into the evening or early the following morning. His hours distress me not to mention his weariness.

    I request that he see me less often and spend some time to rest instead but he refuses to let me be the one to be neglected. To be able to ease my anxiety he posesses a stun weapon always. Now how do stun guns work precisely in order to give personal protection?

    Shane tells me that stun devices trigger an abrupt release of electricity towards the body as soon as in contact with it. Consequently the people receiving the electrical shock becomes unable to move the muscles and stay balanced and may take a leak.

    The effects he guarantees me are non-lethal and cause no injury beyond repair. They are briefly lived and fade away right after twenty to forty minutes. The owner should seize this opportunity to dart away as well as contact 9-1-1.

    I recall precisely how Shane was drawn immediately to high voltage stun weapon when he discovered them on the web. These discharge about or over a million volts which translate to meaner results quicker.

    He has a Stun Master 3.5 million volt rechargeable stun gun and flashlight. This was designed conveniently enough to fit even inside a tiny hand and have a built-in charger. Furthermore the security switch has separate sections for the stun gun flashlight and powering off.

    Personally I like best that its a flashlight stun gun seeing that his travel at night is exactly what troubles me the most. As I am thinking about picking up a small stun gun for myself too it may as well be this one.

    How do stun guns work effectively though if the user is female and bereft of any kind of self-defense skills? My partner says I would certainly be surprised.

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