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  • Self Defense on Campus

    Every year students on college campuses are victims of violent and nonviolent crimes. These crimes span from aggravated assaults, robberies, forcible rapes to murder or non-negligent murder.

    Although, college campuses are continuing to add to students’ safety by implementing ‘Panic Phones’ and increasing campus police presence there are still a few actions students can take to help ensure their safety. When traveling in and around college campuses students should walk in groups, stay alert to their surroundings and carry a self-defense product such as mace or a keychain pepper spray.

    Our infographic provides a few statistics on college campus crimes, tips for staying safe and self-defense tips for students.

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  • Home Invasions Don't Be Another Statistic

    In an ideal world, no one would have to worry about becoming the victim of a crime. However, as we all know, that is not the world that we live in. Hopefully, most of us will go through life unscathed and safe from being added to lists of statistics; unfortunately, some of us won’t be so lucky. Not many thoughts are more terrifying than the idea of someone invading your home. On average, 3.7 million homes experience a burglary each year in the United States, and almost a third of these incidents occurred while at least one person was home. By arming yourself with knowledge about what draws a burglar to your property, you can ensure preventative measures are taken to reduce the likelihood of being targeted. Below, we’ve compiled tips for ensuring you can keep your home safe along with some relatively inexpensive tools that can be incorporated into your self-defense plan so that you can maximize your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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  • Self Defense For Anyone Made Possible With the Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun

    Power up your punch with nearly 1,000,000 volts of electricity with the Knuckle Blaster stun gun. The stun gun is made with comfort in mind, providing easy grip while making a scary fist. The tight grip you have also makes it difficult for the bad guys to take it in a self-defense situation. Unlike most weapons, the Knuckle Blaster stun gun will cause pain to anyone that even tries to take it from you, keeping you safe during an unfair fight.

    If you worry about not having the self-defense skills necessary to fight or use a weapon, rest assured this unique stun gun is an ideal solution for you. All it takes is a touch to repel and disable an attacker.

    Customers have reported feeling safer having a weapon discrete enough to avoid attention, yet powerful enough to defend themselves. Ambidextrous fitting makes keeping the stun gun in either pocket suitable for emergencies you encounter while on a stroll or run.

    Other features of the stun knuckles that have customers happy include:

    . Rubber skin that fits all hands sizes, preparing anyone in the family for trouble.

    . A safety switch, built with easy access in mind. Use thumbs for single hand activation, eliminating the need for two hands while preventing any accidental shock.

    . A one year warranty included with the stun gun knuckles.

    . A belt holster made of nylon providing discrete and portable storage whenever you are on the go.

    . Rechargeable Lithium batteries

  • Pepper Spray

    Pepper sprays represent one of the best non-lethal self-defense tools a person can carry. Many pepper spray products can be easily carried in a pocket, on a keychain, or in a purse, allowing one to reach them easily and deploy them as needed to protect themselves from attackers. High Tech Safety offers dozens of pepper spray models to choose from, in various colors and styles to suit your exact needs.

    What is Pepper Spray?

    Pepper spray, sometimes called “pepper gas”, OC spray, or OC gas, is made from a substance called oleoresin capsicum that is derived from grinding hot peppers and extracting the active ingredient capsaicin with chemicals. This hot pepper extract is combined with an emulsifying agent like propylene glycol and water, then pressurized to make it an aerosol defensive tool. Pepper sprays are used for self-defense, crowd control, and non-lethal law enforcement interventions. Some pepper spray products are mixed with a dye to mark the skin and clothing of an attacker, making it easier for police to identify assailants.

    How Does Pepper Spray Work?

    Pepper spray is considered an inflammatory agent. When sprayed in the face, an assailant will experience intense burning of the eyes, skin, and nose, resulting in temporary blindness, coughing, and difficulty in breathing. Disorientation can set in, rendering an assailant unable to continue his or her actions. These effects can be used in a self-defense scenario to give a person time to retreat to safety after deploying the spray against an attacker. The effects of the OC spray tend to last for about 30 to 40 minutes.

    Where Can I Buy Pepper Spray?

    High Tech Safety is a family-owned and operated company that specializes in personal safety and security products for home or office. Our company carries an extensive lineup of pepper spray products, from small pocket-sized canisters to larger pepper gas guns, pepper batons, and larger pepper foam canisters. Shopping in our online storefront is fast and convenient, and we offer some of the best pricing and customer service on the Web. Fast shipping of your orders is another way we stand out from our competitors.

    Pepper spray products can be used to protect against humans and animals alike. Gain some peace of mind by carrying a pepper spray dispenser in your pocket or purse when you are away from home. High Tech Safety has a range of styles, sizes, and colors to suit your personal defense needs.

  • Don’t Be the Next Victim of Date Rape; Use the Date Rape Drug Detector

    Date rape has become increasingly common in recent years.

    A day or evening that began so well can end up being the most haunting day of your life. Date rape victims will often narrate their harrowing experience with fear and deep sadness, wishing there was something they could do to erase those awful memories.

    How about doing away with date rape altogether? The solution to this is now in our hands; we can choose to use date rape drug detector and forever prevent date rapes that occur due to illicit drugging by perpetrators. Over 70% of date rapes occur when unsuspecting victims’ drinks are laced with drugs. Victims are then likely to loosen their inhibitions or simply pass out. Date rape drugs are usually impossible to detect; they are odorless, colorless and tasteless. However, by choosing to use the ultimate date rape drug detector, you will be able to know if your drink is safe.

    It is better to be safe than sorry. Once this heinous act happens, victims carry these deep wounds for life. Nobody should ever have to go through this kind of humiliation, indignity and degradation. This is why we strongly advocate for the use of date rape drug detector if you are unsure about your drink. It is the best way to keep those shameless rapists at bay while protecting yourself.

    There are certain features of this date rape drug detector that make it distinct and a notable solution. First, this Drink Guard is very easy to use. A kit has 10 test cards and each card can be used for two tests. It has a complete set of instructions and gives users a comprehensive and easy to understand kind of manual on the product’s pack. The date rape drug detector is able to detect even tiny hints of these illicit drugs with a very impressive success rate. Rapists were able to carry out their utterly odious acts because date rape drugs could go undetected in drinks- not any more! Potential victims now have a fighting chance. Let’s do away with drug induced sexual assault, Buy the date rape drug detector today.

  • Benefits of Date Rape Drug Detection Products

    Starting your New Year safer should be a top New Year’s resolution for women. The crime against women is constantly going up across the world. Therefore, it is critical for women to take control of their personal safety. Among the biggest challenges which most women face beside getting attack in the public is date rape. Mostly, date rape cases occur when women are accompanied by someone who they trust most to go out with. While it might occur during the first date, most of the cases are caused by people who you have known for a while. Celebrations and parties are of special concern, especially if you do not know most of the individuals attending.

    To be safer, carry date rape drug detection products if you are going to attend parties of any event where drinks will be served. These are test kits to test your drinks for hidden drugs. There are ten test cards in each test kit, and each card has two tests. The kits are small and easy to carry because they are the size of a business card.

    It is also easy to perform a test using date rape drug detection products. Just put a few drops of your drink on the test kit and wait it to dry. You will know if your drink has a hidden drug if it turns blue. These products can be used to detect the most common date rape drugs such as Ketamine and GHB in non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. These drugs facilitate sexual assault if they are slipped into your drinks.

    Date rape drug detection products offer you the opportunity to safeguard your drink by using a test kit. You will instantly know the safety of your drink by just putting one drop of your drink on this kit. These products are used across the world, and they are trusted to prevent date rate. Therefore, do not hesitate to visit http://www.hightechsafety.com/drink-guard-date-rape-drug-detector.html to make your purchase and for more information about these products.

  • Perform the Date Rape Drug Test before drinking anything!

    We all need to drink a refreshing beverage from time to time, but given nowadays' extremely conflicting world it can be quite easy for girls to fall under the trap of a drug facilitated sexual assault, commonly known as date rape. However, thanks to the newest Date Rape Drug Test invented by Drink Guard, women will no longer have to worry about bad intentions. This newly-brevetted test clearly shows if a drink is perfectly pure or has chances to be diluted with a date rape drug such as Ketamine or GHB.

    The Date Rape Drug Test contains 10 separate cards, with each card being usable for 2 times (on each side). It's the perfect tool for women who are worried about their social security and want to ensure that nothing suspicious made its way into their newest drinks. It works in non-alcoholic beverages but also in alcoholic ones. The system is tried and tested and works in 99% of cases. If the card turns dark blue, then you should avoid drinking at all costs. However, if the color does not change, then it means the drink is clean and safe to use.

    Each of these test cards is tested and ensured to work every time. You can count on date rape drug test if you want to know whether the new beverage you just received contains signs of drugs or it's perfectly clean. The Date Rape Drug Test was created in order to ensure that women stay on the safe side at every meeting or event they attend. The cards are discrete and can be conveniently hold in a pocket or pursed and used whenever desired. The product represents a novelty in the domain, being able to be used regardless of event and with accurate, instant results. Order one right now from this page before the supplies run out!

  • Stay Safe With Drink Guard Date Rape Drug Detector For The Detection of Ketamine and Norketamine

    There is nothing wrong with going out for an evening on the town with friends, or a social drink after long day's work. Don't let creeps with date rape drugs turn your relaxing evening into a nightmare which you will never forget. Drink Guard Date Rape drug detector can help keep you safe, maybe even alive. Discreet, business card sized sheets in packs of 10 let you test up to 20 drinks for the presence of date rape drugs - detection of ketamine and norketamine couldn't be easier. Put a drop of the drink on the test area, once it dries the test is finished. If the test area turns blue, don't have your drink. Be confident when you go out, and in charge of who you interact with and how far it goes by using Drink Guard Date Rape drug detector.

    Date rape is a very real problem in nightclubs, especially for young women and their female friends. You can't always tell if a guy is being sincere or if he has something else in mind just by talking. Stop avoiding the washroom to protect your drink and know that you can have confidence that any round bought for you or left in the care of a stranger will be just as safe as when the bartender prepared it. You will feel able to engage in social conversation without worry that if you say something offensive you will end up behind the club the next morning with no idea what happened to you.

    Detection of ketamine and norketamine is important as these are the drugs most commonly slipped into an unsuspecting woman's drink. They create an altered sense of reality and amnesia about what has happened, making it harder for police to convict a rapist who uses the drugs. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe without sacrificing your night life, carry a pack of Drink Guard Date Rape drug detector in your purse and you are ready for any situation where detection of ketamine and norketamine may arise. Purchase now, and don't forget to add a pack for your friends and loved ones.

  • Why Should You Buy a Date Rape Drug Testing Kit?

    Statistics have indicated that the number of date rape drugs in clubs, parties or collages have been increasing in the recent past. In fact, the number of women being drugged and consequently being raped has also increased significantly. However, the painful bit of it all is that, the victims do not get the kind of justice they deserve after undergoing such an agony. The victims experience severe disorientation, blackouts, confusion, lowered inhibitions and a hazy memory of what actually took place. To avoid being in such a situation, you need to be very cautious and avoid being given free drinks. Nevertheless, such a precaution may not be sufficient; it is important that you test all your drinks to be sure that they are safe. You can only do this using a date rape drug testing kit.

    These kits are available in most online stores at affordable prices of about $9.99. They are portable with most of them coming inform of test cards and accurate. Moreover, testing a drink using the kits is also simple and straightforward; you don’t require any form of training. You only need to sacrifice just some few minutes to know the state of your drinks. You need to acquire a date rape drug testing kit if you are that kind of person who drinks in social places.

    A number of these illicit Date Rape drugs such as gamma hydroxybutyrate (GBH) are odorless, colorless and tasteless thus; do not be cheated that you will be able to detect their presence in your drink. Remember, 10 minutes after you have swallowed the drugs; you will begin to feel their effect- feeling extremely drunk, confused etc. The sad part of it all is that they can remain active in your body for even 8 hours. This is such a long time. You should not make a mistake of taking such a risk yet most date rape drug testing kits go for less than $10. These kits are mainly designed to help you escape the traps set by people with ill motives.

    So, be sure to be smarter than them by testing your drinks. Visit our online store today for quality and affordable testing kits.

  • Why Date Rape Drug Testing Strips Are Gaining Popularity

    Date Rape Drug Detection Date Rape Drug Detection

    Without any shred of doubt, cases of date rape have continued to rise over the years and unfortunately this trend doesn’t look as if it is going to slow down any time soon. There are several factors which make it almost impossible to slow down this trend. First and foremost, with the advent of the social media, many people tend to meet on the social media realm, chat for a while then go for their first date without really knowing enough details about each other. Even though a huge majority of such meetings don’t end in date rape, they do offer a fertile ground for ill intentioned individuals. People going for such romantic meetings are well advised to have some date rape drug testing strips such as Drink Guard Date Rape Drug detector with them so as to greatly reduce the chances of getting drugged and raped during such a date. This is especially so if you are meeting for the first time and you are all alone, in the evening and somewhere you are not so familiar with.

    It is worth noting that each test kit of the above mentioned date rape testing strips does come with 10 test cards and each and every card can handle two tests. These cards are not too small neither are they too large; they are around the size of a business card and are therefore quite portable. The test is very simple; just put a drop of your drink on the test area and then wait for it to dry. If the strip turns dark blue, then you should not drink whatever you have been served.

    These date rape drug testing strips can be used to detect drugs such as Ketamine and GHB in both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages with a lot of ease. This makes them not only effective but also quite efficient too. They are also easy to carry as the pack weighs only four ounces. For your pack, make a point of visiting our product page at http://www.hightechsafety.com/drink-guard-date-rape-drug-detector.html and buy your packet; it may just end up saving your life.

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